How to Limit Your Time on the Internet


How to Limit Your Time on the Internet

We are all aware of just how much the internet has transformed our lives, from connecting with people on social media to purchasing whatever we want whenever we want it.

However, researchers are only just starting to learn about the true impact screen time has on our cognitive responses and physical and psychological health.

Besides, we all know too much of anything is a bad thing, and we are probably all aware that we spend too much time online. So, exactly how do you limit your time on the internet? Here are some great ideas you could follow.

Track and Block

 To get serious about cutting down your screen time, you should first track how much time you are actually spending online.

 You can use various desktop tracking software, apps and tools to track your time and determine which sites you spend most of your time on. TimeCamp, RescueTime, and Toggl are just some of the options available.

Once you know how long you are spending on certain online sites, you can use apps and tools to block those sites at specific times, for instance, after two hours of use each day.

You can also download site-blocking apps or extensions that can prevent you from accessing sites altogether.

Turn Off Notifications

It is good that most people can now access fast and reliable internet, even if they live in remote locations, by choosing plans with sites like iSelect.

But accessible internet can mean you spend too long on your devices each day.

Many people reach for their phone as soon as it pings or lights up. But by doing so, you can easily end up having pointless conversations on WhatsApp or watching an unfunny video someone has sent you, and therefore end up wasting time.

You can make a big difference in the amount of time you spend on the internet by simply turning off notifications at certain times of the day, such as in the evenings or at weekends.

Establish Tech-free Zones

Another way of reducing your time on the internet is to establish tech-free zones.

For instance, no one really needs to take their phones with them to the bathroom. The bedroom is another place that could become a tech-free zone, to ensure you do not keep checking your phone just before bedtime. You could also not use devices when you are cooking in the kitchen or playing with your kids in the backyard.

Establish tech-free zones that make sense for your circumstances and stick to your rules if you want to cut down screen time.

Uninstall Apps That You Use Mindlessly

The internet is fantastic for so many things, be it connecting, learning, or buying. But we all have apps that we use mindlessly that have no real value or benefit.

So, you can reduce your online time by simply getting rid of any apps that you waste time using.

Uninstall them and you will not be able to use them. In turn, that can allow you to do more useful things instead.

Stop Taking So Many Photos

If you are of a certain age, you will remember that, not long ago, people did not carry cameras around with them and take photographs throughout the day and night.

So, in theory, it should not be too difficult to stop taking so many photos and posting them online.

When you take photos, you will often spend time finding the best one to post on social media. But instead of taking a photo of your dinner at the restaurant that you visit, why not just enjoy the dinner?

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