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How to Use Popup Animation Effects for Your CRO Campaigns


How to Use Popup Animation Effects for Your CRO Campaigns

People are accustomed to lightboxes with images and direct calls to action — they can be seen on the sites of such giants as H&M, The New Yorker, and many others. However, you just need to change a perspective a bit to enter a new era of popping-up messages.

Undoubtedly, popup animation means have become incredibly popular these days. They are represented as spin-the-wheel windows and alternative solutions. A crucial difference between this version and its ancestor is an increased degree of interaction and customer engagement. Gamification makes customers stay longer in such a domain. Stay tuned to find out what nuances the implementation process holds. Onwards!

Reasons to Say “Yes” to Popup Animation

Lightbox popups are a crucial part of multiple marketing campaigns, but their appliance shouldn’t be overwhelming. You have to understand your customers’ insights and their expectations to select the right style and CTA message. There are cases when selecting a minimalistic window will be more appropriate. For instance, that is valid for mobiles with a rather smaller screen resolution, compared to desktops.

So when is popup animation worth it? Let’s find it out:

  • This technological trick is an efficient trigger for inactive users. It provokes site visitors to interact with your domain’s content out of fun. Re-engaging customers increases the chances of their transformation into regular ones.
  • It is a proven method to cope with the problem of abandoning visitors. The preference for an advanced exit-intent popup style has a huge impact on lead generation and overall sales conversion levels.
  • Your site can combine standard and gamified popups at the same time. The second variant will be suitable for highlighting unique deals and special promotions.
  • Popup animation will work for platforms with numerous ads on the screen. That will help enthusiasts to draw the right attention to their own content rather than someone’s marketing.
  • If you are interested in lead magnets, gamified and animated lightbox messages are gorgeous.

How to Proceed with Popup Animation

Naturally, the how-to details will be defined by your software provider. Platforms like Claspo will provide an intuitive guideline, but there are still peculiarities that will distinguish one domain from another. Whatever solution you are going to choose, the following steps will be complimentary:

  • Stay versatile with your popup formats. Rethinking traditional approaches via brainstorming and analyzing competitive deals will enable see the market divergence.
  • Popups shouldn’t be meaningless. Offering interactive solutions just for nothing won’t create a lead magnet. The exchange practice is the obvious choice. For instance, this technology is excellent when it comes to providing coupon codes for abandoning customers. On the one hand, you will increase their engagement with the platform. On the other hand, the received contact details can be used as a part of your email marketing campaign.
  • Popup animation can be elegant and cute. It is a nice touch for standard messages. For example, a sign-up discount offer with moving elements will be more attention-grabbing than its alternative without GIF details.
  • This technology should reflect your site’s branding too. One of the don’ts in designing animated popping-up messages is the use of non-typical signs and symbols for your site. If an online jewelry store starts displaying funny mem characters as a compound of their signup email popup campaign, that wouldn’t bring positive feedback.

Popup Animation Samples

Thinking out-of-the-box requires at least a general understanding of what styles exist in general. Here are a few most prominent templates, which can be viewed on numerous online domains:

  • If you apply yes/no popup messages, the animation can follow your mouse movements, increasing the size of the yes and no buttons accordingly.
  • For two-step lightboxes, enthusiasts can change the style and form of each message. This will create a visual illusion and be more interactive to see.
  • The decision to proceed with the animation transition before the closure action results in a beautiful scene on the screen.
  • Popping-up messages can be applied when customers check your site menu and show the best samples of every category with goodies.
  • If your domain has a special character that works as an assistant for on-site infographics and blogs, it is a wonderful idea to implement its animated images on popup messages as well.
  • Alert messages can be highlighted by popup animation. With the right software on the go, enthusiasts are welcome to make the wording “Black Friday sales” alter its colors and slightly differ in sizes on a status popup screen.

As you see, there are myriads of popup animation ideas. After the choice is done, don’t forget to check its efficiency in terms of UI and UX performances.

Wrap It Up

All in all, the performance of popup animation can significantly improve your site’s branding and increase customer awareness of your deals. The key thing is that it has to be designed correctly and applied on time to lead to expected results.

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