Lead Generation Tools You Need This Year


Lead Generation Tools You Need This Year

As a business, leads are what you need to keep it going. After all, leads can become potential customers and, if lucky, loyal ones at that. Their purchases keep the business running.  With this in mind, we cannot underestimate the need for a tool to help generate these leads. If you run B2B, a small business, a blog, or SaaS, keep reading the post to know about some fascinating lead generators you can start using today.


Leadpages is a complete set for anyone who wants to build a landing page from scratch. It uses lead magnets like a well-arranged landing page, beautiful and captivating images, and easy-to-navigate tabs to browse through. It also has pop-ups that you can design, customize, and time.

 LeadPages also offer alerts which are the less annoying versions of pop-ups. You set it to pop up when visitors carry out some actions. Other services it helps to improve lead capture are exit pop-ups, real-time analytics, and tips you can use to optimize your page for conversion. It also offers an unlimited amount of A/B testing.

Leadpages offer two plans, the standard, and the Pro. The standard plan gives access to 1 landing site, mobile-responsive templates, pop-ups, alert bars, and lead notification, costing $49 per month. The Pro plan costs $99 per month and, besides what the standard plan offers, also gives access to 3 sites, unlimited A/B split testing and customer support.


Drift is a powerful tool to help with inbound and outbound marketing. It has an AI chatbox that can engage visitors as they visit the site throughout the day. The chatbot learns from the human users that covert the best and makes it better, scoring leads for your website 24/7. You can save prospects you want to contact on the drift interface, and drift will alert you if those prospects are on your website.

It does more by also customizing messages to get the prospect’s attention and linking you directly to chat with the lead. It has a feature in which you can automatically schedule a meeting from the drift software interface. If you missed the person online, no worries because drift can help locate the person on LinkedIn and send a message or a pitch video to the lead.

You can attach a list of dates you would be available for a meeting from which the potential customer can choose. Drift tailors its prices to the company’s needs, so you will need to get in touch to get a price.


Have you received an email or a call before from a recruiter, salesperson, or marketer and wondered how on earth they got your details? Yeah, we all have. What seems strange to you is these people have access to tools enabling them to contact you. SignalHire is one of such products in the market today that can get you the phone number, private email, and company email for any prospect or business you want to get in contact with.

Their advanced system makes sure the information is not outdated, and it boasts an accuracy rate of 95%. SignalHire also has a Chrome extension to help you get the emails, social accounts, and phone numbers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and MeetUp. The user interface allows you to search for leads with company names, full names, locations, or job titles. You can sync your email to the SignalHire application and send emails to one person or bulk emails from the user interface.

You can also find emails of up to 1000 people at once, making your search faster. SignalHire seamlessly integrates with various CRM software like ZOHO, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and the likes. If you are a dev, you would also enjoy using SignalHire API. To get started, go to signalhire.com.

SignalHire Price is $49 per month, and if you pay yearly, it drops to $39 per month. SignalHire plans are flexible, and if you want a customized plan for your company, it’s best to contact them.


Ever visited a website, and a message pops up at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen? Or does a massive message pop up on the page when browsing through a website? If yes, (I will be surprised if anyone says no,) then that’s what HelloBar can do for you. Pop-ups help convert, and creative ones with pleasant images and proper timing convert better. 

HelloBar gives you complete control of the pop-up process. You can choose from 100s of templates, have free reins with the design, and automatically match your page color and styling to fit the pop-up widget. It can also help with targeted messages by location, date, and time. You can design it to have a different message for different visitors. 

Hellobar also presents you with analytics to track and monitor your page’s performance. It can produce custom reports and give you the flexibility to run A/B tests to optimize conversion. HelloBar has a free version that allows for up to 5000 page views per month. It also has three paid plans. The Growth plan costs $29 for 50,000 page views, the Premium plan costs $49 for 150,000 page views, and the Elite costs $99 per month for 500,000 page views. 


With the importance placed on social media today, companies have identified social media platforms as a place to attract potential leads. And potential customers expect a response to their queries from companies on these platforms. It’s difficult jumping from one platform to another responding to messages, and this is where MobileMonkey comes to the rescue. With MobileMonkey, you can send a message from your device to various social platforms at once.

With MobileMonkey, you can carry out mass messages to various platforms, which helps to save cost. You can set answers to popular questions, so the visitor gets an instant reply once they ask the question. You also get visitors’ questions from Facebook messenger, Instagram, SMS messages, and your website straight into one phone application.

MobileMonkey price varies depending on your goal. It has tailored packages for creators, agencies, in-house marketers, and small businesses. You will need to register to have access to the details of the plans.

Lead Forensics

Lead forensics takes getting leads to a new level. Its system can help you capture the data of visitors who visit the site by using their IP addresses like to pinpoint their location. In doing this, it can bring out their specific information like:

  • The name of the company or person 
  • Positions of the people working in the company 
  • The name of the influential people in the company 
  • Location 
  • The email address 
  • The phone number

Its rich data will also give you details on questions like, How long a visitor spent on the site? How many times did a person visit the site? What were they searching for while on the site? Which is my lead source? These questions help to build strategies and implement and improve lead generation. The sales team can also narrow leads down to target the ones most likely to convert.

Lead forensics does not have a price plan but offers a 14 day trial period. The site claims during the 14-day-trial period, the system will monitor your site and come up with a customized price for you.

Blackpearl Diver

Blackpearl Diver is a powerful tool that provides businesses with crucial insights into website visitors and email interactions. With detailed visitor data, including names, company details, emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and more, it empowers businesses to elevate their marketing campaigns, uncover hidden sales opportunities, and maximize revenue potential. This software is a game-changer for businesses looking to unlock the full potential of their website traffic.

What sets Blackpearl Diver apart is its ability to tell you exactly when your leads are back in the market. No more guessing games. You’ll receive timely alerts when they open your emails, peruse your proposals, or revisit your website. 

Blackpearl Diver seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing and sales tools via Zapier, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

With Blackpearl Diver, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain invaluable insights into website visitors and their email interactions.
  • Identify leads displaying actual buyer intent through comprehensive visitor data.
  • Use over 30 data points for in-depth contact details.
  • Create custom audiences for precise sales and marketing strategies.
  • Effortlessly integrate with your preferred marketing and sales platforms via Zapier.

Starting at $198 per month, Blackpearl Diver offers cost-effective solutions for lead identification and conversion. Choose from various pricing tiers to match your lead generation needs.

Final Ideas

In conclusion, leads are essential to survival and growth. Businesses should actively go after the best method to generate leads. The lead generator discussed in this post was but a few of the hundreds available in the market. We hope the article has been helpful to you in making your decision. 

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