Top 14 motivational leaders

14 Inspirational Leaders Who Battled For A Better Life


These 14 individuals were not granted anything in this life. They earned everything that they have today and are now empowering others to do the same. With heart, determination and your “why” factor, you can truly accomplish anything you want in this life. These leaders are living proof that regardless of the circumstances, you can make your dreams a reality.

#14 Chris Gardner

Chris is a world class philanthropist. His amazing life story was turned into a biography and later, the world famous film, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” He struggled in his life and tasted the bitter truth of this world but with hard work, determination and belief in his abilities, Chris created himself into the leader he is today. Today, his talks focus on self-empowerment and defying the odds.



#13 Eric Thomas

Eric is highly-sought after by organizations, educators, corporations and communities for self-development and motivation mainly because of his diversified methods of teaching. His captivating voice can send shivers down your spine and immediately send you into action. Eric holds workshops, one on one sessions, and group discussions to make sure that everyone is equipped with the necessary tools for success in future.

#12 Jack Canfield

Jack is a world renown personal mentor. To date, he has made millions of lives better through his mentorship programs and his inspiring and motivational books. He is an award winning speaker and an expert in personal development.


#11 Les Brown

Les gives his services to everyone from large companies to small business owners, community leaders and even local individuals seeking inspiration and motivation. His main focus is to prepare people in all sectors of life to meet the challenges of this world.


#10 Grant Cardone

Grant is an expert in sales training and workshops for businesses and employees. His expertise in sales has sent him on a mission to help sales staff develop the skill of persuasion. Today, Grant is considered as an internationally renowned business and sales expert.


#9 Nick Vujicic

Founder and CEO of Life Without Limbs, Nick is truly an inspirational figure. He lacks his both arms but this disability could not shatter his confidence and happy spirit. Nick is a motivational speaker who believes that his connection with a higher being has allowed him to accomplish so much.


#8 Brian Tracy

Brian is famous for his motivational and inspiring talks all around the world. He is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. His main idea of teachings is that anyone can achieve their goals in life both personal and business goals so long as they have the determination to do so.


#7 Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart is the author of the #1 New York Times best seller “The Power of Now”. The book is also considered as the world’s best spiritual book. Eckhart’s ideologies focus on spiritual healing and strengthening.


#6 Ray Lewis

A former NFL player who has earned many awards such as the NFL defensive player of the year and the Super Bowl MVP (2000).Today, Ray Lewis motivates people through podcasts and video lectures.

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#5 Dr Wayne W.Dyer

Dr Wayne W. Dyer has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and has written many bestsellers of his time. He was famous in the field of self-development and spiritual growth. He was given the title of “Father of Motivation” by his fans.


#4 Robin Sharma

Robin’s talent in personal development has allowed him to train employees at world class companies such as Nike and Coca Cola. His entire focus is towards implanting leadership qualities into whomever he is teach.

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#3 Tony Robbins

Tony is an entrepreneur and is considered to be an expert in leadership psychology. He is an author of many internationally best-selling books. Tony has inspired millions around the world and continues to do so with his passionate presence, drive, and desire to help others. His latest book “Unshakeable” is in stores now!


#2 Zig Ziglar

Influencing and motivating almost 250 million people and publishing 33 books, Zig Ziglar is considered as America’s most influential and inspiring person. Zig does not only provide his teachings to individuals but he also trains different companies to improve their corporate culture, personal development, presentation skills and much more.

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#1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

The world famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, ladies and gentlemen. Arnold is an actor, weight lifter, politician, and a business man. His hard work has brought him to great places in life and now he has taken the time to give back to society. Arnold has become a motivational speaker and inspiration for people belonging to all walks of life.

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