What To Do After Your 9-5 Job


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High School —> University –> 9-5 Job 

That is the sequence that the majority of us follow. Life comes at you very fast after you graduate. While you enjoyed the luxuries of financial support either from your parents or banks, the freedom to hang out with your friends after class, when you enter the workforce, all of the changes. You now hold the responsibility to pay bills, cover expenses and become a real adult.

Regardless of your profession, it is your duty to follow your dreams after work too. It is understandable that you can’t dive into that business that you want because you’re strapped for cash. What’s not acceptable is allowing your day job to be the only form of work you do.

The purpose of this article is to remind you that you cannot allow yourself to be confined by your 9-5 job. 


When You Are Tired, What You Are Drawn To Is Important

After a long day at work, the only thing you want to do is stuff your face into a pillow and maybe watch some Netflix after; that’s understandable. While this may be the common reaction, you need to fight this urge. The secret to persevere out of this mundane cycle and to pick 1 thing that you are passionate about outside of work.

This doesn’t mean starting a business or making extra cash. It can be anything that you want from working out to painting. The 4-5 hours that you have after work are extremely precious and cannot be wasted. It is in those hours that you work on yourself.


Creating A Routine

Routines are like a muscle – they require repetition to get stronger.  Here is how you create a routine:

  • 1) Have a cue. This is a signal to begin your routine. (Eg. An alarm clock going off at 6:00 pm)
  • 2) Engage in the routine.
  • 3) Reward yourself.

Building routines is a simple process but it involves conditioning. Research has proven that by going through this three-step sequence, you will be able to manipulate your brain into developing routines faster than any other method.  Once you find something that you are passionate about, you will not only be more productive outside of work hours but you will begin to feel a greater sense of purpose.

Those seemingly long days will now only feel like a fraction of what you want to get done in a day. So, explore some of your interests, take some chances and see what a positive impact these extra few hours can have on your daily routine. The 9-5 lifestyle is not designed to give you a strong sense of purpose. It is not created to feed your inner being. It is your duty to keep your foot on the pedal and produce.


What To Do After Your 9-5 Job

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