Mindful Living on Instagram: 8 Accounts for Daily Inspiration

Mindful Living on Instagram: 8 Accounts for Daily Inspiration


Instagram Accounts for Daily Inspiration

Embrace the art of mindful living! Discover a world of daily inspiration as we present eight captivating Instagram accounts. These feeds are dedicated to guiding you on a journey towards mindfulness and intentional living. Scroll on to find your daily dose of tranquility and wisdom.

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Humans of New York

Life is full of inspiration and stories, people living the present, enjoying the simple moments of existence, and struggling and facing daily life problems. Humans of New York is full of photos and memories captured that tell us a story behind them.




Meditation & Mindfulness

Interlinked practices of meditation and mindfulness are elegantly combined in the content of this account. Each graphic post in Meditation & Mindfulness, whether a stunning health-focused quote or a simple depiction, holds the power to reshape your thoughts truly.


Seen & Heard

Helping people with overall health and well-being, Heather Barbieri, the host, emphasizes self-love, as taking care of oneself is essential in living a better life.


Woke Thinking

Their Instagram account says, “Do not try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself so that whatever comes, you will be fine.” Woke Thinking posts daily quotes on topics like Love, Life, Friendship, Success and more.



The good Quote

Showcasing essays and advice about mental health, happiness, and positive things. The good Quote fosters consciousness regarding wellness, self-development, and mental health through literature and interactive discussions.



Motivation Mondays

If you struggle every Monday to get up and start a new week, this account might be what you seek. Full of motivational quotes, inspiring videos and more, Motivational Mondays will give you daily inspiration to help you get the strength to start again.


Great Big Minds

In this Instagram account, Jay Liew, the creator, daily shares practical advice on growth and goal-setting and delivers motivating messages; Great Big Minds inspires people with the content it shares. 














Self-Care Is For Everyone

The account will give you the affirmations to find daily inspiration and motivation. Self-Care Is For Everyone shares content that emphasizes the importance of self-care, that it doesn’t necessarily need to manifest as a physical item or something costly, such as a mask or essential oils; it goes beyond material possessions. It is something within all of us.














We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Instagram accounts for daily inspiration!

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