Ocean Guardians: 15 People Protecting our Seas and Marine Life


Top Ocean Guardians of our Seas and Marine Life

Our oceans and marine ecosystems face unprecedented challenges, from pollution and overfishing to climate change and habitat destruction. In the face of these threats, a group of remarkable individuals has emerged as true Ocean Guardians, dedicating their lives to protecting and conserving our seas and marine life. Discover now the Top 15 Ocean Guardians of our Seas and Marine Life who are making a profound difference in preserving the health and beauty of our oceans for present and future generations.

Marie Antuanelle

She is an artist who employs gemstone crystals and seashells to convey an important message about ocean conservation. In addition, she passionately donates a portion of her sales to support the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

Through her artistic creations, our first Ocean Guardian, Marie Antuanelle, skillfully crafts abstract ocean artworks that evoke the breathtaking beauty of coral reefs from a bird’s eye perspective.



Sylvia Earle

Next Ocean Guardian on our list is a celebrated marine biologist and oceanographer who has devoted her life to exploring and conserving our oceans. Recognizing the urgent need for action, she established Mission Blue, a pioneering organization that aims to establish marine protected areas known as “Hope Spots.”

Sylvia Earle’s unwavering commitment to ocean conservation continues to inspire individuals worldwide.


Asha de Vos

A marine biologist and ocean educator from Sri Lanka, she is the founder of Oceanswell, a non-profit organization dedicated to reshaping the future of our oceans. Asha de Vos is also the visionary behind “The Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project,” the pioneering long-term study on blue whales in the Northern Indian Ocean.

Her efforts in research and education are instrumental in advancing our understanding of marine ecosystems and advocating for their protection.


Afroz Shah

He is a lawyer by profession but has gained recognition for his remarkable efforts in cleaning Versova Beach in Mumbai; alongside a dedicated team of volunteers, Afroz Shah tirelessly engages in weekly beach clean-ups and mangrove swamp restoration.

Additionally, he actively participates in educational initiatives by visiting schools to raise awareness among children about the importance of their work.



Courtney Mattison

She is a renowned artist and passionate ocean advocate whose work has garnered international recognition. Drawing from her background in marine conservation science, she creates intricate and expansive sculptural pieces that vividly portray the impact of climate change by capturing the delicate beauty of marine life.

Through her art, Courtney Mattison effectively communicates the urgency of protecting our oceans and inspires viewers to take action.




Hanli Prinsloo

She is a visionary conservationist and the ocean conservation trust founder and CEO called I AM WATER. Through her organization, Hanli Prinsloo aims to spark a global movement of “blue minds,” connecting people from various backgrounds to the oceans and inspiring them to become advocates for marine conservation.

By exposing influential philanthropists and underprivileged coastal communities to the captivating beauty and mystery of the aquatic environment, Hanli cultivates a deep love for the oceans and fosters a strong commitment to their protection.

Dr. Rachel Graham

She is a distinguished marine biologist and the founder of MarAlliance, a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to driving meaningful grassroots science and conservation efforts for marine wildlife.

With a particular focus on safeguarding threatened shark and ray species and their habitats, Dr. Graham’s work encompasses extensive research, conservation actions, and educational outreach.











Inka Cresswellis

Another of our Ocean Guardians is a Conservation Filmmaker, marine biologist, underwater camera operator, and diver, Inka Cresswellis. Her passion lies in capturing the current condition of the world’s oceans through her filmmaking to inspire others to become guardians of these vital ecosystems for generations to come.

Her debut film, titled ‘MY 25: The Ocean Between Us,’ has been recognized and showcased at numerous film festivals worldwide.











Nina Jensen

A dedicated advocate for ocean conservation and the CEO of REV Ocean, an organization actively engaged in constructing the world’s largest research and expedition vessel, committed to uncovering sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions for the world’s oceans.

Nina’s burning commitment and passion as an Ocean Guardian and her relentless pursuit of specific solutions will ensure the thriving health of our marine ecosystems.











Emily Penn

She is a Welsh skipper and passionate ocean advocate. Her transformative experience occurred during a biodiesel-powered sailing expedition, where she witnessed vast accumulations of plastic waste on remote beaches in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, far from human civilization.

Motivated by this encounter, Emily Penn co-founded eXXpedition, an all-women sailing crew dedicated to investigating plastic pollution’s environmental and health consequences.

















Nayantara Jain

Her lifelong diving experiences granted her a unique perspective on the degradation of these beautiful ecosystems. Witnessing this deterioration firsthand, Nayantara developed a profound passion for conservation.

Currently, she leads ReefWatch Marine Conservation, one of India’s few not-for-profit organizations committed to safeguarding the ocean and coastal communities.













Tiza Mafira

She is a dedicated lawyer and the Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement director. For a considerable time, she has been at the forefront of the campaign to eliminate single-use plastic bags in her country, whose results were remarkable, with a significant 55 percent reduction in the utilization of plastic bags within just six months.

Tiza Mafira’s relentless advocacy and efforts have played a vital role in raising awareness about the harmful impact of single-use plastic bags and driving positive change toward a more sustainable future in Indonesia.













Sruthi Gurudev

She is a dedicated advocate for the sea and the planet. As a Global Goal ambassador in her community and a National Geographic Young Explorer, Sruthi’s commitment to environmental causes has shaped her journey into conservation work.

Currently, she is leading an exciting project called “An Hour in the Deep,” an e-magazine that employs eco-journalism to foster youth engagement and innovation in ocean conservation. 


Image Credits: World Ocean Day












Oluwaseyi Moejoh

A 20-year-old law student and passionate campaigner hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. She is deeply concerned about the pervasive issue of plastic and waste pollution. To address these challenges, Oluwaseyi Moejoh co-founded the U-recycle Initiative Africa.

This project actively engages with communities by conducting workshops to raise awareness and encourage individuals to take part in various challenges, such as pledging to eliminate plastic straws or participating in large-scale beach clean-up events across the country.













Kerstin Forsberg

She is a renowned Peruvian marine scientist, conservation leader, and social entrepreneur. As the founder and director of Planeta Océano, she spearheads an organization dedicated to empowering coastal communities in their efforts toward marine conservation.

Planeta Océano focuses on three core action areas: education, sustainable development, and research. Kerstin Forsberg’s visionary leadership and commitment to environmental conservation have made a significant impact in empowering coastal communities and advancing marine conservation efforts in Peru.












We hope you enjoyed our Ocean Guardians of our Seas and Marine Life list!

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