Top 15 Eco-Business Changing the World 2023

Top 15 Eco-Business Changing the World 2023


Eco-Business Changing the World

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, more and more businesses are stepping up to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability. These 15 eco-businesses are leading the charge in 2023 with innovative products, services, and practices that are changing the game and helping to create a more sustainable future for all. From renewable energy to circular economy solutions, these companies make a difference and inspire others to follow their lead.

1. West Paw

It produces eco-friendly pet toys, accessories, and beds using safe and durable recycled materials free of harmful toxins. West Paw’s CEO, Spencer Williams, strives to operate their business as a tool for positive change to create a healthier planet, productive work environments, and stronger communities.

2. Green Toys

These toys are safe for your baby and good for the environment. They are made from 100% recycled materials, specifically plastic milk jugs. They are also packaged in recycled materials and printed with soy ink. By diverting materials from landfills, Green Toys save energy and reduce its carbon footprint.

3. Mill

If you’re passionate about reducing waste and protecting the environment, Mill’s kitchen trash bins are a perfect choice. These bins grind down food scraps for easy disposal and allow you to send them back to the company for use on farms. With membership in their program, you can track your progress and see how much you’re doing to make a difference.



Source: Mill


4. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

This eco-business produces sustainable coffee through organic farming and fair trade practices. In addition, green Mountain Coffee Roasters assist coffee farmers worldwide with various initiatives, including coffee tree planting, funding for small-scale farmers, and water-smart agriculture training for over 2,500 coffee growers.

5. Apeel

It offers plant-based sealants that can help extend the longevity of perishable foods by maintaining moisture and freshness levels. Apeel Sciences’ technologies can lock in water and slow oxidation, which can help fruits and vegetables last longer during shipping and transport.

6. Ecobee

It is an eco-business that produces innovative and intelligent home products, including smart thermostats, smoke detectors, and energy monitors. Their products have delivered over 25 TWh of energy savings, equivalent to taking all homes in Los Angeles off the grid or 3.8 million cars off the road for a year. Ecobee aims to connect millions of homes and help communities transition to cleaner energy and net-zero emissions.



Source: Ecobee


7. Preserve

It began as an eco-friendly toothbrush brand and has now expanded into a range of sustainable products made from recycled plastics, including razors, measuring cups, and colanders. Preserve also offer plant-based products such as compostable straws, cups, and plates. In addition, their Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative (POPi) uses ocean plastics to make toothbrushes and razors, and all of their products are either recyclable or compostable.

8. Nailtural

The eco-business began in California with a simple mission to create a product that is good for your nails and better for the environment, believing you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and the environment. Nailtural products are free of harmful ingredients and also cruelty-free, created with natural ingredients such as potato, beet and cassava in their formula.

9. Krill Design

An Italian startup that creates eco-friendly products by transforming waste materials into beautifully designed items. Their flagship product is the Ohmie Orange Lamp, a light fixture made entirely of compostable Sicilian orange peels, which supports the region’s circular economy. Krill Design’s mission is to combat food waste by repurposing discarded materials into functional and aesthetically pleasing objects.


Krill Design

Source: Krill Design


10. The Classic T-Shirt Company

If you believe that less is more, you’ll love this ethical fashion brand specializing in classic t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton. Paul and Olga Garibian founded The Classic T-Shirt Company, which is committed to sourcing sustainable materials and providing fair treatment for workers. In addition, their GOTS Certified Organic Cotton ensures that no harmful chemicals are used in production, protecting people and the planet.

11. Span

SPAN is revolutionizing the electrical panel industry by introducing its smart electrical panels, which can be remotely controlled via your smartphone. This modern feature allows for more efficient and conservative use of utilities. With their panels, integrating energy-saving appliances into your home’s electric circuit has never been easier. By simplifying the process of clean energy adoption, the eco-business is driving towards a more environmentally friendly future.

12. Tove & Libra

It is a sustainable fashion brand from Hong Kong that prioritizes quality over quantity. Co-founders Ivan and Christine carefully select high-quality yarns and textiles like cotton, cashmere, and wool to preserve their clothes for decades. In their recent collections, they also use sustainable materials like Lyocell, which requires less water and energy than cotton production. Additionally, Tove & Libra upcycle materials from other brands for 50% of their collections to reduce waste in the fashion industry.


Tove & Libra

Source: Tove & Libra


13. Algenesis

It is an eco-friendly startup focused on developing sustainable alternatives to plastic made from fossil fuels. Algenesis’s patented Soleic™ technology is the first of its kind, producing high-performance, fully biodegradable plastic from plants to help reduce environmental pollution.

14. YesStraws

Disposable plastic straws are a significant environmental hazard, frequently found on beaches and causing the death of thousands of fish and animals. So the need for eco-friendly straw alternatives has led to the emergence of many businesses, such as YesStraws. Its straws come from 100% plant-based materials. The straws are made of wheat and cane stems only, so they decompose naturally and do not stay in landfills.

15. Bottle +

A reusable water bottle that converts flat water into sparkling water using a small CO2 tank attached to the bottom of the bottle. With the sparkling water industry estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.6%, Bottle+ aims to reduce the production of single-use plastic waste by providing a sustainable solution that can produce the equivalent of 15 bottles of sparkling water. Consumers can refill their CO2 tanks using a cylinder in many local grocery or home goods stores.



Source: Bottle+


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