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Top 15 Beach Clubs in Tulum


Top 15 Beach Clubs in Tulum

Tulum is a well-known destination for its festive atmosphere, stunning beaches, and mouth-watering food. What a better place to spend your day here than an incredible Beach Club? You’ll have a perfect combination of all the Mexican charm.

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RosaNegra Tulum

RosaNegra Beach Club is a prime location to share some drinks with your friends and taste beyond belief Latin-American dishes. Besides the exquisite restaurant, do not miss the incredible party next to the pool. You won’t regret it!

Recommended: Grilled Spicy Octopus

Price per person: 60-100 USD




Gitano Beach

Enjoy the entire day with family and friends at Gitano Beach Club, where you can taste some modern Mexican preparations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do not forget about the Beach BBQ Fiesta hosted all Sundays!

Recommended: Signature Gitano Mezcal Cocktail

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 110 USD


IMIX Beach Club

Located in the legendary Azulik Hotel, IMIX Beach Club allows you to immerse into the beauty of Quintana Roo Beaches, mixed with relaxed music played by magnificent DJs and top-quality dishes and cocktails, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Recommended: Tiradito de AtĂșn

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 80 USD


CoCo Tulum

With its Mediterranean vibes and pristine white decor, CoCo Beach Club is a must on your trip to Tulum. This is the perfect spot for taking some Instagrammable pics while sipping some cocktails under the sun with unbeatable views.

Recommended: Signature cocktails

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 50 USD



Ziggy’s Beach Club

Ziggy’s Beach Club is a lovely spot where you can delight yourself with sublime dishes and cocktails by the rhythm of live music. Take into account that they have daily events! Don’t miss them, you will have an incredible time.

Recommended: Tuna Nachos & Margaritas

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 50-70 USD.



Taboo Tulum

You cannot leave Tulum without visiting this Beach Club! Taboo is a unique experience where you can have a taste of top-quality Mediterranean dishes and flavourful cocktails.

Don’t forget the party! Have lots of fun with your crew, enjoying incredible live music until the sun comes down.

Recommended: Caribbean Goose Cocktail

Price per person: Minimum consumption from 100 USD


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Papaya Playa Project Beach Club

If you can describe Papaya Playa Project Beach Club in two words, the safe bet is a “Wellness Oasis.” Here, you will have the perfect mix of nature, an exquisite gastronomic experience, and relaxing music played by resident DJs.

Recommended: Paraiba & Coral signature cocktails.

Price per person: Minimum consumption per week is $50, and weekends is $100

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La Zebra

This paradisiac spot is located inside La Zebra Hotel Tulum. With the unbelievable preparations of their chef Eleazar Bonilla, you will live the full Mexican experience. Do not miss this place on your visit to Quintana Roo.

Recommended: Tacos & Tres Leches

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 70 USD

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Cinco Tulum Beach Club

Cinco Tulum is a bohemian spot where you can spend your day enjoying their food offer which allows you to immerse into the authentic Mexican flavours.
Keep in mind that brunch is a must here!

Recommended: Chilaquiles & Aguas Frescas

Price per person: 30-70 USD


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Mia Tulum

House of renowned parties hosted by worldwide known DJs, MIA Tulum is a phenomenal spot where you can start your day with savory author international dishes and end your night with some tequilas by the rhythm of the music.

Recommended: Baja Shrimp Tacos

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 20 USD (Varies depending on the event)

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Akiin Beach Club

Akiin Beach Club is well known for hosting big events such as weddings and conventions, but they’re also open for guests who want to spend their day enjoying the breathtaking beaches and sipping some cocktails.

Recommended: Tacos & Margaritas

Price per person: 30-60 USD


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Vagalume Tulum

Home of numerous iconic Tulum pics, Vagalume is a restaurant-beach club that mixes top-quality Mediterranean food, signature cocktails, and great music.

This place is a must! Enjoy your day by the ocean and take some insignia shots at one of Tulum’s most representative spots.

Recommended: Burger & Cocktails

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 125 USD



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Nomade Beach Club

This insane beach club is located at the Nomade Hotel and is home to two high-quality restaurants named Macondo and La Popular.

Relax, lay down on a hammock, and enjoy the views with a margarita in your hand. Could you name a better plan?

Recommended: Salmon tartare & Margarita

Price per person: Minimum consumption of 100 USD



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Bagatelle Tulum

Want to feel like you’re chilling next to the Mediterranean Sea down the South of France but without leaving the Riviera Maya? Well, Bagatelle is the place you are looking for.

This chic spot offers you magnificent dishes and cocktails that you can enjoy mixed with the perfect music and breathtaking views.

Recommended: Truffle pizza

Price per person: 100-150 USD


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Ahau Tulum Beach Club

Looking for some cool spots for spectacular pics? Ahau Tulum is a safe bet. In this incredible complex, you will find the “Ven a La Luz” statue, which is one of Tulum’s insignias and mandatory pics. After a long photoshoot, you can relax watching the sunset and delighting with one of their signature cocktails.

Recommended: Passion Fruit Mezcalita Cocktail

Price per person: Minimum consumption from 50 USD

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Beach Clubs in Tulum!

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