Top 15 Jewelry Stores Boston

Top 15 Jewelry Stores in Boston


Top 15 Jewelry Stores in Boston

Boston, a city renowned for its rich history and cultural diversity, hosts a dynamic array of jewelry stores. From elegant boutiques nestled in historic neighborhoods to modern storefronts in bustling districts, Boston’s jewelry scene offers something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re searching for exquisite high-end pieces or unique artisanal creations, Boston’s jewelry stores provide a diverse selection of options. With a blend of tradition and innovation, these stores cater to both locals and visitors alike, making Boston a vibrant hub for jewelry enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at the Top 15 Jewelry Stores in Boston.

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E.B. Horn Jewelers

Founded in 1839, the E.B. Horn Company is celebrated for having one of the most extensive collections of diamonds, jewelry, and watches in New England. Whether you’re purchasing or selling jewelry, they are committed to providing an outstanding shopping experience. Recognized as the premier destination for engagement rings, estate pieces, and vintage jewelry, E.B. Horn Company is here to fulfill all your needs.


Contact: +1 6175423902

Address: 429 Washington St, Boston, MA





Boston Diamond Studio

Located in the heart of the Jewelers Building in Downtown Boston, Boston Diamond Studio is a boutique jewelry studio owned and managed by a husband and wife duo. They specialize in a diverse collection of stunning pieces, including engagement and wedding rings, loose diamonds, gemstones, and more. Committed to delivering top-quality fine jewelry at competitive prices, they create and design elegant diamond rings that are unmatched in both style and value.


Contact: +1 6172271559

Address: 333 Washington St #226, Boston, MA






Talori Jewelers

Talori stands as the top choice for custom jewelry design services and stunning pieces to elevate any collection. With a focus on engagement rings, wedding bands, custom creations, and jewelry repairs, Talori brings forth years of expertise and polished craftsmanship. Their team of artisans in Newton leads clients through the complete design journey, from conceptualization to the flawless completion of their diamond engagement ring.


Contact: +1 6179169462

Address: 51 Union St, Newton, MA








Rebekah Brooks Jewelry

From her early years, Rebekah Brooks has been crafting jewelry. With a commitment to empowering customers with knowledge, she has founded her company on feminist principles. Despite the challenges of a male-dominated field, Rebekah has persevered to achieve success. Her enduring goal is to create timeless designs. Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, a local artisanal enterprise, specializes in crafting exquisite handmade jewelry.


Contact: +1 6178641639

Address: 17 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA







Sophie Hughes

Sophie Hughes Jewelry, a boutique known for its independence, presents a range of chic minimalist pieces and offers personalized designs to suit individual tastes. Demonstrating a dedication to excellence reflected in their creations and materials, Sophie Hughes endeavors to positively influence industry partners and the environment. Through careful design and skilled artisanship, they craft valuable talismans intended to last for generations. Each piece is meticulously handmade, radiating a timeless elegance while maintaining its own distinctive character.


Contact: +1 8572075107

Address: 681 Tremont St, Boston, MA









Alex & Company Jewelers

Based in Newton, MA, Alex and Company is a reputable jewelry boutique, known for its specialization in Custom Designed Fine Jewelry, Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and all-encompassing Jewelry Repair services. Clients are encouraged to conceptualize their ideal pieces or rejuvenate family heirlooms with the assistance of Alex & Company’s expertise. Explore their impressive selection of diamond engagement rings, which spans a variety of enduring styles and modern trends, from solitaires and vintage designs to diamond halos.


Contact: +1 6179658777

Address: 100 Needham St, Newton, MA





Market Square Jewelers

In the jewelry arena, Market Square Jewelers has chosen to carve its own path. While other stores might adhere to a standard approach, Market Square Jewelers distinguishes itself with its particular emphasis on vintage jewelry and exceptional gemstones. Whether customers opt for in-store visits or peruse online, they can anticipate an illuminating experience, where they’re bound to acquire fresh perspectives. With an extensive inventory ready for exploration, shoppers can immerse themselves in the narratives behind each piece and uncover their favored styles.


Contact: +1 6177144870

Address: 1156 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA


















M. Flynn Jewelry

Under the ownership of the skilled jeweler and designer sisters Megan and Moria Flynn, M. Flynn has flourished as both a jewelry and accessories retail boutique and a custom design studio for over ten years. Alongside their retail selection, M. Flynn offers personalized jewelry services, encompassing the creation of engagement rings, wedding bands, and the rejuvenation of cherished pieces through remakes and redesigns.


Contact: +1 6172920079

Address: 40 Waltham St, Boston, MA

















Shreve, Crump & Low

Established in New England, Shreve, Crump & Low is a family-owned and operated business with a rich heritage. Their exceptional assortment of jewelry and watches is unmatched in America. The Watch Salon, renowned for its extensive array of premier Swiss and German brands, is a standout feature. Within this salon, customers have access to the most exclusive and valuable timepieces available worldwide.


Contact: +1 6172679100

Address: 39 Newbury St, Boston, MA

















DePrisco Diamond Jewelers

Founded in 1948 by Frank and Marie DePrisco, DePrisco Jewelers has emerged as a beloved institution in Boston, renowned for its dedication to delivering top-quality products and personalized service. As a cherished family-owned jewelry boutique deeply rooted in the community, DePrisco Jewelers specializes in engagement rings and diamonds. It has earned a sterling reputation as Boston’s premier destination for all jewelry needs, offering a wide-ranging selection of fine diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, and exquisite fashion pieces sourced from esteemed designers worldwide.


Contact: +1 6172273339

Address: Jewelers Exchange Building, 333 Washington St 4th Floor, Boston, MA



















Joseph Gann Jewelers

Established in 1933, Joseph Gann Jewelers has become synonymous with luxury, offering a stunning array of high-end jewelry, watches, and giftware, which includes elegant china and crystal pieces. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, the jeweler has built a stellar reputation by consistently delivering top-tier merchandise to its discerning clientele. Specializing in meticulously handcrafted custom-made settings and jewelry for every occasion, Joseph Gann Jewelers ensures active customer participation throughout all stages of production, from the initial design concept to the final product.


Contact: +1 6174264932

Address: 387 Washington St, Boston, MA




















Barmakian Jewelers

Barmakian Jeweler’s roots in passion stem from its founders, who intricately crafted exquisite jewelry pieces. A standout advantage at Barmakian is their adeptness in tailoring the ideal ring or jewelry item to complement a personally chosen diamond or treasured family heirloom, all while accommodating the client’s budget and maintaining impeccable craftsmanship.


Contact: +1 6172273724

Address: 333 Washington St, Boston, MA


















Homsy Jewelers

Nestled in the vibrant downtown crossing area of Boston, Homsy Jewelers has been a beloved family-operated establishment since its inception in 1988. With a diverse array of rings, watches, and custom-designed jewelry, this intimate family business has become a fixture in the community. Recognized for their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Homsy Jewelers collaborates closely with clients to deliver unparalleled service, exceptional products, and competitive pricing.


Contact: +1 6175231918

Address: 333 Washington St STE 215, Boston, MA





















In a chic and modern boutique, Persona Fine Jewelry provides an array of offerings, including the retail of gold, diamond rings, engagement rings, necklaces, and personalized jewelry creations. Their expertise also encompasses repair and appraisal services, ensuring clients receive thorough assistance. Persona Fine Jewelry is distinguished by its carefully curated selection from independent designers, offering a distinctive shopping experience tailored to contemporary preferences.


Contact: +1 6172663003

Address: 62 Charles St, Boston, MA


















Cynthia Britt Custom Jewelry

Situated in Boston, MA, Cynthia Britt is a master custom jewelry designer renowned for her diverse offerings. From creating bespoke engagement rings and distinctive wedding bands to re-setting diamonds and redesigning family heirlooms, Cynthia’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. Her repertoire also includes exquisite diamond jewelry, anniversary bands, men’s engagement rings, and artisanal chains. Cynthia Britt is celebrated as Boston’s hidden gem for acquiring loose diamonds and gems at wholesale rates.


Contact: +1 8572399885

Address: 45 Newbury St #305, Boston, MA




















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