Top 15 Nutrition Podcasts

Top 15 Nutrition Podcasts


Top 15 Nutrition Podcasts

Dive into the world of nutrition and wellness with these insightful podcasts that will transform your understanding of food and its impact on your overall health. From deep dives into scientific research to practical tips for everyday life, each podcast offers unique perspectives and expert advice on topics ranging from plant-based diets and holistic health to intuitive eating and sustainable nutrition practices. Whether you’re a health enthusiast, parent, or simply curious about improving your well-being, these top nutrition podcasts provide invaluable knowledge and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.

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The Model Health Show

Hosted by Shawn Stevenson, this podcast delves into the latest health and nutrition research, featuring expert interviews and actionable tips for a healthier lifestyle. Shawn’s approachable style and deep understanding of health topics make The Model Health Show a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their well-being. Topics range from optimizing sleep and managing stress to understanding the benefits of various nutrients and superfoods.

1 The Model Health Show





The Ultimate Health Podcast

Dr. Jesse Chappus explore a wide range of health topics, from nutrition and fitness to personal development, with top health experts. The Ultimate Health Podcast comprehensive approach covers everything you need to know about living a balanced and healthy life. Each episode provides practical advice, personal stories, and expert interviews that delve into the latest health trends and research.

2 The Ultimate Health Podcast






Dr. Rhonda Patrick provides deep dives into the latest scientific research on nutrition, aging, and fitness, offering insights that can help you live a longer, healthier life. Her podcast is known for its in-depth analysis and detailed explanations of complex topics, making cutting-edge science accessible to everyone. Whether discussing the benefits of intermittent fasting or the impact of micronutrients on health, FoundMyFitness podcast is a must-listen for health enthusiasts.

3 FoundMyFitness







Diabetes Digital

Registered dietitians Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones discuss a variety of nutrition and wellness topics, focusing on making health and nutrition accessible to everyone. The Diabetes Digital podcast covers everything from intuitive eating and body positivity to meal planning and food justice. Wendy and Jessica’s friendly and relatable approach makes complex nutrition topics easy to understand and apply, helping listeners make sustainable changes to their diets and lifestyles.

4 Diabetes Digital





The Dr. Axe Show

Dr. Josh Axe covers a wide array of topics, from nutrition and natural remedies to fitness and mental health, providing holistic health advice. His podcast aims to empower listeners to take control of their health through natural and integrative approaches. The Dr. Axe Show shares practical tips, expert interviews, and personal insights on how to optimize your health using food as medicine, natural supplements, and lifestyle changes.



5 The Dr. Axe Show





The Nourished Child

Pediatric dietitian Jill Castle offers nutrition guidance for parents to help them raise healthy, nourished children through practical tips and expert interviews. The Nourished Child podcast covers a wide range of topics, including picky eating, balanced family meals, and the nutritional needs of growing children. Jill’s evidence-based approach and compassionate advice make her podcast a valuable resource for parents seeking to promote healthy eating habits in their families.


6 The Nourished Child




The Proof

Simon Hill explores the benefits of a plant-based diet, featuring interviews with nutrition experts and plant-based advocates. His podcast provides evidence-based information on how a plant-based diet can improve health, support athletic performance, and promote environmental sustainability. Simon’s thoughtful interviews and comprehensive research make The Proof podcast a trusted source of information for anyone interested in plant-based nutrition.

7 The Proof















Optimal Health Daily

Optimal Health Daily is a podcast designed to help listeners achieve their health and wellness goals through daily episodes. Hosted by Dr. Neal Malik, a tenured professor, registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified exercise physiologist, the podcast delivers a wealth of insights on topics such as nutrition, fitness, holistic medicine, and overall wellness. Each episode features readings from popular health blogs and articles, making complex health information accessible and easy to digest.

8 Optimal Health Daily















Well-Fed Women

Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper tackle various nutrition and wellness topics, focusing on empowering women to achieve optimal health. Their podcast covers a wide range of issues, from hormonal health and body image to nutrition myths and fitness tips. Noelle and Stefani’s honest and relatable approach makes Well-Fed Women podcast a supportive and informative resource for women looking to improve their health and well-being.

9 Well-Fed Women















The Minimalist Vegan Podcast

The Minimalist Vegan Podcast is a show about minimalism, veganism, zero waste, productivity, consumerism, and travel. The hosts, Michael and Maša Ofei, are passionate about living intentionally. They share their experiences and advice on a variety of topics related to minimalism and veganism.

10 The Minimalist Vegan Podcast















The Nutrition Couch

Dietitians Susie Burrell and Leanne Ward give simple nutrition tips and correct common diet myths to help you reach your health goals. Their podcast talks about many topics like managing weight, planning meals, reading food labels, and understanding nutrition. The Nutrition Couch use proven methods and interesting talks to make this podcast a reliable guide for anyone wanting to eat better and stay healthy.


11 The Nutrition Couch















The Food Medic

Dr. Hazel Wallace, a medical doctor and registered dietitian, takes you on a deep dive into the science of food and nutrition on The Food Medic Podcast. With a focus on challenging myths and providing evidence-based advice, Dr. Wallace gives you practical, actionable tips on healthy eating and lifestyle habits that you can implement into your everyday life.



12 The Food Medic














Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

Explore the fascinating world of nutrition with Dr. Michael Greger on his podcast. Delving into the latest scientific findings and evidence on how our diet impacts our health, Nutrition Facts podcast debunks common myths and provides practical advice for a healthier life. From research on disease fighting foods to analyses of current dietary trends, each episode offers deep insights and accessible knowledge for those seeking to make informed decisions about their nutrition.



13 Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger














Intuitive Eating

This podcast is all about intuitive eating and how it can help you develop a healthier relationship with food and your body. Intuitive Eating is hosted by Erin and Char-Lee, both registered dietitians who are passionate about helping women find peace with food. In each episode, they share their knowledge and experiences, and interview experts on intuitive eating and Christian faith.


14 Intuitive Eating















Not Another Nutrition Podcast

Not Another Nutrition Podcast is a comprehensive space to learn not only about nutrition and fitness, but also about business, career paths, parenting, and personal development. In addition to discussing various nutrition topics, Martin strives to communicate in an accessible manner, creating an atmosphere of informal conversation that everyone can understand and take away lessons from. The podcast is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about nutrition and more.



15 Not Another Nutrition Podcast














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