12 US E-Bike Brands Leading the Charge in Innovation and Affordability

12 US E-Bike Brands Leading the Charge in Innovation and Affordability


US E-Bike Brands Leading the Charge in Innovation and Affordability

Electric bikes have been widespread in recent years, offering eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions. Among the pioneers of this movement are US e-bike brands, reshaping urban mobility and outdoor adventures alike. From California to the heart of the Midwest, these companies are making history and shaping the future of commuting. Join us as we delve into the innovative world of US e-bike brands, where convenience, sustainability, and affordability intersect.


It is a direct-to-consumer electric bike company based in California. They are known for offering affordable and reliable electric bikes without sacrificing quality, including commuter and mountain bike models.

Even though each model has been meticulously designed to give customers an outstanding riding experience no matter the use case. Ride1Up mission is simple: Get More People On E-BikesDo not miss the incredible cocktails!





It is another California-based company focusing on stylish and affordable electric bikes; Aventon offers a variety of e-bike models, from commuter to road e-bikes, always with a modern design. Their mission: “We enable people to find happiness through motion.”






Juiced Bikes

This US e-bike brand is known for producing innovative, high-performing, and value-optimized electric mobility products. They offer a range of models, including fat-tire bikes and commuter e-bikes. Juiced Bikes’ products are designed, engineered, and supported by a team of e-bike experts in San Diego, California.





Pedego Electric Bikes

This US e-bike brand, based in California, is one of the oldest and largest in America. They offer 20 premium-quality electric bike models for adults and young people, including cruisers, commuters, fat-tire bikes, and even e-trikes for those who’d prefer three wheels. Their motto, Pedego, is different because we put people first.



Rad Power Bikes

With a focus on functionality and value for money, Rad Power Bikes is known for offering affordable and versatile electric bikes; they believe there is a riding style for everyone, from All-terrain, city, and commuter to cargo and family.

They have an e-bike for everyone; their mission is to offer an unrivaled customer experience with radical bikes built for everything and priced for everyone.




Co-op Cycles

It is a brand owned by REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), a well-known outdoor retail cooperative in the US. Co-op Cycles focuses on producing a variety of bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and commuter bikes, and it wasn’t until 2020 that they launched their first series of e-bikes.



Their mission is to offer an environmental way for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy a new lifestyle, so they primarily manufacture fat tire e-bikes.

According to Himiway, most of the e-bikes on the market can only reach 30-40 miles, so since its establishment in 2017 in California, Himiway has been continuously improving the range of e-bikes; its models can now reach up to 60-80 miles on a single charge.










Vintage Electric Bikes

This US e-bike brand specializes in designing and manufacturing premium electric bikes with a vintage aesthetic, a classic styling of motorcycles and bicycles from the early to mid-20th century, and modern electric bike technology.

Vintage products take a stand against planned obsolescence, so they build bikes to keep them on the road for a lifetime.










e-JOE Bike

Based in San Diego, e-JOE Bike company has been in the industry for over a decade, and they have everything you need, from an easy-riding cruiser to a commuter bike, to a folding step-thru, or a lightweight city bike.

They are also one of the only bike companies that design all components interchangeably.










Lectric eBikes

It is a US e-bike brand known for its affordable and foldable models, providing convenient and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

With a focus on accessibility, Lectric eBikes features potent motors and lithium-ion batteries, making them suitable for various riders seeking a practical and versatile commuting option. Run to check their apparel before it’s out of stock!










Mod Bikes

“We want to make it Easy to MOD-ify the way you move.” that’s how they started their story; from the very beginning, Mod Bikes founder wanted an e-bike that balanced design, versatility, and comfort and could still handle an active lifestyle.

They have made it their mission to build easy-to-use, quality bikes with timeless designs that offer performance without compromising on comfort or utility.












Established in 2018 in California, KBO is a rapidly growing electric bike company. Notable for their debut model, the KBO Breeze, they offer a diverse range of electric bikes, including cargo, all-terrain, folding, and commuter models. Still additionally, they provide accessories for biking enthusiasts.















We hope you enjoyed our list of Top US e-bike brands!

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