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How to read a book/week without adding time to your schedule


Read more, without adding time to your schedule.

Seriously, I do it.

I Read 1 Book Per Week…

I always wanted to read more…

But, I just couldn’t find the time. I kept hearing about how CEOs read an average of 52 books a year. I wanted to do that too, but I just didn’t know how.

Special thanks to Audible, I got started listening to books.

It changed everything.

Now, I listed to books when I’m driving and at the gym. Just by doing that, I read 1 book per week!

Audible is an app that lets you listen to books anywhere!

Listen While You Drive ?

Drive back and forth to work? Crush a book a week while you’re driving.

Listen While You Work Out ?️

Going for runs? Hitting the gym regularly? Train your mind with books while you train your body.

Listing While You Grind ?

Have menial tasks to do during the day? Put on an Audible book and watch as your work time flies by.

Listen While You Commute ?

Spending lots of time on the train or bus? Get through tons of books while you’re commuting.

Read more, one page at a time

Audible is life changing. Most of us are too busy with work and life to sit down and open a book. But, by listening to books on your down time, during your commute and while you workout, you will be able to finally read all of those books on your list.

With Audible, the world’s best books are at your fingertips

✓ Take notes and record clips
✓ Fast forward, slow down and rewind
✓ Search, find and download books online

Here’s the best part…

After the Free Trial:

→ You pay $14.95/month

→ You get 1 Book Per Month Included

→ Cancel easily anytime.

BUT, here’s the cool part (that they don’t tell you)…

You can return any book…

…even after reading it,

and you get your credit back!

So… you can try out as many books as you want, if you don’t like them, just return them!

What are you waiting for?

Start reading for free, today.

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