These 11 Gurus Know Everything About Starting A Business

These 11 Gurus Know Everything About Starting A Business


Gurus Know Everything About Starting A Business

These 11 online marketing giants will show you everything there is to know about starting a business.

It seems like everyone these days has an idea and is starting a business.

If you’re serious about starting a business, these 11 gurus will show you the ropes.

Enjoy the list…

#11: Yaro Starak

Yaro is the founder of Entrepreneurs Journey. His website is jam packed with useful information that you can use to kick start your business today!

Whether you are looking for coaching or to simply listen to some podcasts, Yaro is here to help!

#10: Pete Sven

Pete is the founder of Think Entrepreneurship. This website focuses on providing tips, advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs across the world.

We thoroughly enjoyed their blog titled “7 Weekly Productivity Hacks.”

To learn more visit his website

#9: Matt Wilson

Matt is the founder of Under 30 CEO. This platform will help you build a business that you love, and start to build the life of your dreams!

Under 30 CEO realizes that we only have one shot at this thing called life, so why not make the absolute best out of it?

Visit the website now!

#8: Brian Solis

Brian is an award-winning author, blogger and keynote speaker who has improved the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide.

His blogs break down to the science of human nature. Once we are able to understand our inherent tendencies, we can then manipulate them for the greater good.

Learn more on his website.

#7: Jason Stone

Jason Stone was one of the first Instagram celebrities to emerge. On Instagram, he goes by the name Millionaire Mentor.

Jason is an entrepreneur who is here to share his talents with the world. His blogs have a strong emphasis on digital marketing, so if that is what you are looking for, he is here to help!

Visit his website today

#6: Patrick Flynn

Whether you have no idea where to start or if you have something going for you but need help along the way, Patrick Flynn has designed this platform for you!

He has spent countless hours creating content that will help you succeed in life!

Visit his website today

#5: Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the leader of the millennials. His entire platform is designed towards helping you understand how to run your business and live the life you want!

He recently released his new book, “Ditch Your Average Job. Start An Epic Business and Score The Life You Want.” It has amazing reviews on Amazon already.

Visit his website today

#4: Seth Godin

You may already know Seth from his books, the Alt MBA, or other areas he has succeeded in. Seth’s blog is full of useful and practical information that will help you gain a deeper understanding of how business works and how to master your time and productivity levels.

Read his blog today!  

#3: Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is changing the world as we know it today. His ideals and values have helped progress the world in many ways.

Thankfully, Guy continues to update his blog regularly giving great advice on how to prepare for the new wave of entrepreneurship!

Read his blog today

#2: Tim Ferriss

Some say that Tim Ferriss will be remembered as our generation’s Socrates. His amazing insights into the world of entrepreneurship and capitalism have no comparison.

Tim’s podcast is world famous and is recognized for the amazing insights it brings to entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Tim’s blog give both a summary of his podcasts and new insights for entrepreneurs to learn from.

Start reading his blog now!

#1: Neil Patel

Neil has become the fastest growing social media entrepreneur in 2017! His amazing marketing skills have allowed his business to explode!

Neil’s blog is full of tips to help you boost digital marketing for your business! It has great insights that you can start using right away.

Visit his blog now!

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of 11 Gurus Who Know Everything About Starting A Business, also this article tells you all you need to know.

The inclusion and ranking of gurus who know everything about starting a business was determined after a thorough analysis done by business and online marketing experts at Influence Digest.

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