NJ Diet Reviews: Is a DNA-Based Diet Plan Good for You?


NJ Diet Reviews: Is a DNA-Based Diet Plan Good for You?

The diet industry has grown considerably over the years, with new programs, plans, and potions all promising to deliver the same results – effortless weight loss. While the promises of these plans are impressive, most new programs lack longevity and lasting results. That’s because most programs offer one-size-fits-all planning, trying to appeal to a large customer base instead of individuals on the plan.

A new era of weight loss is quickly emerging, this time trying to shift how the diet industry works. Nutrigenomics is a relatively new scientific discipline focusing on DNA-based dieting for optimal weight loss. It considers the link between genetic influence and nutrition, particularly regarding your weight loss journey. In addition, nutrigenomics helps all medical professionals understand how the two factors influence each other, allowing a customized diet for health and well-being.

Understanding DNA-based Diet Plans: The NJ Diet

One revolutionary diet program is the NJ Diet. It focuses on a four-step, medically supervised weight loss plan. The plan breaks down weight loss according to the individual’s genetic makeup instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. NJ Diet reviews indicate that doctors start the plan with a comprehensive genetic profile, using multiple testing methods to form a health baseline.

Testing Methods Used with DNA-Based Dieting

All participants must consult a medical professional on-site or through the company’s virtual platform. Each consult will evaluate different biological markers through tests to determine a unique health profile. Testing will determine 3,500 individual biomarkers within the body, directly influencing healthy living and weight loss. Test options include saliva, blood, hair, and biogenetic analysis. Additional considerations will have baseline weigh-in, biometric understanding, and BMI consideration.

Your test results will help doctors pinpoint any deficiencies within the body, including absorption capabilities and how the body processes the food it consumes. A thorough gene analysis will determine imbalances, metals, viruses, toxins, and other ongoing digestive issues. From there, the medical team will explain their findings, how the NJ diet works, your medical profile, and how these findings will influence your weight loss journey.  

Do DNA-based Diets Work?

Multiple medical studies have confirmed that DNA-based diets work well for individuals struggling to lose weight. The NJ Diet offers testimonials from previous participants, with many showing drastic before and after photos or videos. These prior patients praise the program for their weight-loss success. Thankfully, it’s not just the platform that highlights success using DNA-based programs; scientific studies have shown that DNA-based diets are likely to increase the patient’s weight loss success over traditional meal plans or programs.

Stanford University

A recent study compiled by Stanford University looked at the influence of nutrigenomics within a weight loss journey. The study followed 141 female participants, with each person having a specific diet plan. Diet options included a traditional government program, low-carb, ultra-low-fat, and ultra-low-carb plans. The study determined that individuals following a genetic profile lost 2.5 times more weight than the average participant.

Interleukin Genetics

This study followed 34 different women, each on a weight loss journey. The researchers divided the participants into two groups, one following a generic meal plan and the other following a customized genetic profile. After closely monitoring the individuals for twelve months, scientists determined the genetic group lost twice as much weight as the generic counterparts.

Who Should Use the NJ Diet?

The NJ Diet is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight but struggling with traditional weight loss plans or programs. The DNA diet looks at building the individual’s health and well-being while losing weight. Shifting the focus to a biological understanding instead of a generic approach can help patients lose weight and keep it off long-term.

The NJ Diet program supports all participants after the 40-day regimen, offering guidance and education after completing the initial program. All patients will receive a breakdown of their health profile, including the steps needed to keep the weight off permanently.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Weight Loss

Although many generic diets offer meal planning, the DNA-based diet will look at your specific requirements when developing your health and nutrition profile. Everyone using the NJ diet will have a customized meal plan with individual vitamin and mineral supplements. These supplements will help improve gut health while ensuring optimal nutrition on the strict calorie-based program.


As the diet industry continues to soar with new products, plans, and services, consumers need to ensure the options they use to lose weight are safe and effective. DNA-based diets offer a safe and effective weight-loss method for anyone struggling to lose weight and keep it off. By looking at the patient biologically, medical professionals can individually optimize the weight loss plan. After all, weight loss is a personal journey. Doctors should develop a plan as individually as the person following it.

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