The Best Gym Wear Online – Squat Wolf Product Review


I had the opportunity to work with Squat Wolf and try on their Seamless Spyder Tee and the 2-1 Dry Tech Shorts. Upon first wearing them, I felt as if I was wearing custom fit gym clothing for the first time. In this article, I am going to give you a comprehensive review on both products and what you can expect when you make your purchase.

Product Name: Seamless Spyder Tee

First Thoughts:

Upon first wearing the Seamless Spyder Tee, I felt a tight fit around the arms and chest, showing some real definition in my muscles. As I went through my workout (which are high-intensity), I noticed that the shirt was absorbing my sweat without any odor. It felt like a miracle. I went through my entire workout without any noticeable armpit sweat patches.

Specially Engineered for the Gym

The Seamless Spyder Tee is specially designed for people who love to work out in the gym. The shirt is designed with a sweat-wicking technology. This means that the t-shirt pulls away the sweat from the body and moves it outside of the fabric of the t-shirt. It is super breathable as it is made with ventilation spots on chest, shoulders, and back for increased airflow. It dries the sweat from the workout sessions fast and efficiently because of this unique dry fit fabric. Usually when I workout, my body heats up to ridiculous temperatures, but with this fabric – I was able to stay cool throughout.

Fabric – 10/10

The fabric used to make this t-shirt is nylon which is ultra-soft. This fabric makes the t-shirt very light weighted and gentle on the skin. It gives comfort during the workout because of its 4 ways ultra-stretch quality. The fabric is temperature regulating, sweat-wicking and super breathable make it appropriate for workout sessions.

The Fit – 9/10

It gives a body-hugging fit because of its tapered fit around the chest and arms. It makes you feel comfortable during the workouts as it is longer in length than any other regular tee.

Product Name: 2-in-1 Dry Tech Shorts

First Thoughts:

As soon as I put these shorts on, I felt a tight lining on the inside, it was the extremely comfortable compression shorts element. These 2-in-1 dry tech shorts are designed for heavy workout sessions as its outer fabric is for good airflow and inner fabric helps in drying out the sweat during the workout.

2-in-1 dry technology

The technology used behind this short is the choice of fabric. Known as the 2-in-1 technology, there are two layers, the outer fabric used to give it a perfect look and excellent airflow, the inner fabric is used to dry out the sweat. The cuts and design of the shorts are designed according to the aerodynamics for the better airflow.

Fabric – 10/10

The shorts are extremely light weighted due to this unique 2-1 style. The outer short is made of polyester and nylon and the inner layer is made of elastane cloth. These fabrics are well known for its strength and elasticity and comfortable nature, making them ideal for every gym session. Its reflective fabric makes it easier for visibility while running in the night too.

Fit – 10/10

It gives you a smart fit because of its invisible waistband elastic and back zip pocket. It is stretchable in 4 ways on the inner shorts and outer one giving you a comfortable fit. It is highly stretchable for workout sessions and great for cardio too!

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