Top 11 Places To Get Free Workout Plans Online


Places To Get Free Workout Plans Online

You don’t just need motivation, you need the best free workout plans.

It’s not just about hitting the gym, it’s about making sure you’re avoiding the bad workout plans and using the best one.

Since workout plans are so important, we’ve put together this list of 11 awesome places where you can get them online!

Whether you are looking for “easy, intermediate, or advanced workouts,” Gym Virtual has everything you are looking for. Patri Jordan founded it, and in her channel, she has abs, legs, arms and many types of routines.

Start your workout with their Youtube channel today.







Women’s Health

This website has hundreds of workouts for women that you can access instantly. Plus, they don’t have only routines, but they also have recipes and many other things to offer you.

Enter their website now.









Rumble Boxing is a gym specializing in (as the name implies) boxing. Despite having different locations, they post videos on Instagram of exercises that you can do at home, and on their website, you can access a free trial of live classes.










The purpose of DanceBody is to provide a workout by fusing functional training and dance to make it more fun and joyful. Their routines not only strengthen the body it also enhance the mind.

You can find free classes on their Youtube channel or have a 14-day free trial on their website to try their classes.






Alex Crockford Fitness

We are proud to announce the launch of Alex Crockford´s  #CROCKFITAPP

If you are looking for specialized workouts that are designed exactly for you, this is the one and only app you need.

With CrockFitApp you can find plans that will give you detailed descriptions of exactly what you need to accomplish each day to reach your ultimate goal.

They give you a complete guide to a good workout no just at gym but also at home. Besides you can include the ability to upload monthly progress photos and body weight measurements.

Visit his website and download the app today!


Aarmy has both face-to-face and digital training. Their locations are in NY and LA, and you can access them by paying for their plans.

However, you can get a free trial of virtual training on their website for 14 days.










Psycle is a London-based gym that offers on-site or virtual workouts through its website. Although both are paid, you can get free routines with their 14-day free trial or find some routines on their YouTube channel.







Chloe Ting

Chloe used to be an Actuarial Analyst, but not finding her job fulfilling enough, she started making videos on fitness and other topics.

She offers free fitness plans that you can find on her website.








Achieve was founded in Boston by Jason and Lauren Pak to make people’s routines better. They have both paid and free content, but the latter consists of YouTube videos and text routines of various types that you can find on their website.











Humanfitproject is a website that publishes multiple content about fitness such as nutrition, routines, anecdotes, among others. They also produce comprehensive fitness plans for strength, conditioning, weight loss, athletic performance, longevity, and more.

Find everything on their website!










Dr Workout

Dr Workout is the best place if you are looking for workout programs, fitness instructions, and diet plans. Dr Workout contains an in-depth analysis of your favorite models and superstars’ diet plans and workout routines.  This website also has a section for professional bodybuilding programs, calisthenics, powerlifting, and other athletic workout routines.




You can read more fitness content on Fitness Volt. We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 11 Places To Get Workout Plans Online!

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