The 1 Million Teachers organization is putting a dent in the world education crisis.

1 Million Teachers – Solving The Global Education Crisis Today


1 Million Teachers – “An Educated Society is a Stronger Society”


Hakeem Subair

Hakeem Subair is a man on a mission. Growing up in Nigeria, Hakeem became a first-hand witness to the lack of education students receive and the lack of respect that teachers get.

In early 2017, Hakeem launched 1 Million Teachers to improve the wellbeing of society through better education that is created through quality teacher training.

With the help of his team, he has brought 1 Million Teachers a long way, in a short time.

The Root of the Issue

When Hakeem began his research, his first endeavour was to figure out why teachers were not getting the respect they deserved from society in Nigeria.

Hakeem dug deeper and deeper and found the root of the issue. It came from the lack of the training teachers received which resulted in inadequacies in their performance levels.

As a result, the profession of a teacher in countries like Nigeria has become somewhat taboo! Hakeem has stepped forward to change this perception.

Hakeem understands and advocates that education is a fundamental right that plays a key role for humans in social and economic development.

1 Million Teachers - Education Is a Fundamental Right

The more society is educated, the more likely individuals can acquire employment opportunities, better health care, and even begin to engage in the political process.

As education rises, statistics have shown a direct correlation with a decrease in poverty levels, a decrease in birth rate, and many other factors that can help stabilize a country’s overall socio-economic success.

The Solution

The source of achieving this kind of success in educational levels comes from creating effective and impactful teachers.

Currently there is a massive shortage of teachers globally that is expected to grow to an estimated absence of 69 million teachers.

The shortage of teachers is unevenly distributed with Sub-Saharan Africa being the most effected by this shortage. 1 Million Teachers is designed to solve this issue through 3 tactics.

  1. Recruiting More trained (United Nations Standards) Teachers
  2. Training teachers who are not yet qualified
  3. Incentivizing teachers towards continued growth and improvement in their teaching practices

By working towards these goals, Hakeem Subair and 1 Million Teachers continue to shorten the supply and demand gap for teachers globally.

1 Million Teachers will continue to support teachers and educators long after they have completed training through continued professional development, motivation, and advocacy. As their motto goes…

An Educated Society is a Stronger Society

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