15 Individuals Who Forged Their Success Through Vlogging

With only a camera and a dream, these individuals established a career for themselves. Their hard work and dedication to their dream should be motivation for you to follow your dreams, no matter the cost.


#15 Alex Chacon

Alex Chacon is a motorcycle adventure rider. After he graduated from university, he began his journey of traveling the world on a motorcycle while filming all his adventures and uploading his vlogs daily. To date, Alex has been to 50 countries and has driven over 200,000 miles. Be sure to check out his page!


#14 Charlie McDonnell

Charlie started vlogging in 2007. He started as a daily vlogger by posting videos of his daily routine and other interests. He then transitioned to making videos on “Fun Science.” His videos made science easy for anyone to understand. To date, Charlie has collaborated with brands such as Sony and Disney through his YouTube projects. His YouTube channel “charlieissocoollike” has grown to over 2 million subscribers.

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#13 Devin Graham

Devin Graham is a famous American videographer and vlogger whose videos’ display his life through adventure and extreme sports. Devin is living proof that you can turn your passions into a career. His videography skills have allowed him to explore and display the world in a fun and engaging fashion.


#12 Shay Carl

Shay Carl is an American vlogger and author. His masterpiece, the Vlogumentary took over the internet. His engaging personality mixed with his video editing skills has made Shay into a household name among the vlogger community.

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#11 Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is a comedian, actress, and a YouTube personality. She shows her talents through her youtube channel “it’sGrace.”. Besides making interesting daily vlogs and hilarious videos, she is also the author of 2 New York Times best-selling books!

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#10 Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh is a multi-talented YouTuber. He is an actor, vlogger, rapper and a famous prankster from New York City. He started making YouTube videos in 2012 and has grown astronomically since then. Adam has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and is only growing!

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#9 Casey Neistat

Casey is an American YouTuber, vlogger, and filmmaker. He is also co-founder of the multimedia company known as Beme. Casey started making videos about social issues. He soon grew into posting daily vlogs and forged himself has one of the most recognized vloggers in the world today.


#8 Marcus Butler

From creating daily vlogs to interesting reaction videos and product testing videos, the exceptional talent of Marcus Butler is evident. He is an English YouTuber and comedian. Humor is an important part of almost all of his videos. He has also written a book and has appeared in many TV shows.

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#7 Casper Lee

Casper Lee is a South African YouTuber. He launched his YouTube channel at a very young age and has worked tirelessly since then. Now at 23, his channel has grown to over 7 million subscribers. Lee’s success has allowed him to appear in Hollywood movies and television shows. Due to his unique and engaging videos, Casper was labeled as one of the “12 web-savvy entrepreneurs to watch”.

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#6 Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is an American YouTuber, singer, and producer. His area of expertise falls into two categories: vlogging and gaming. Joey’s career has also spread into short films and T.V. series!

#5 Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is a famous vlogger who updates his life and routines on a daily basis. He has grown to over 1.3 billion subscribers on his vlogging channel. His videos are full of comedy, humor, and pranks that will have you smiling from start to finish!

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#4 Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is an American YouTuber who has become a world leader in makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, outfit ideas and do it yourself ideas! She built her following to 10.3 million subscribers online!


#3 Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg is the famous recipent of  the “Best British Vlogger” award. His talents have taken him to great heights! His videos about pranks, challenges, and impressions have humored the world. Follow Joe to keep your positivity levels high!

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#2 Zoe Elizabeth

Zoe, best known by her youtube name Zoella, is an English writer, fashion and beauty vlogger. She started her career as an author with her her first novel  known as  “Girl Online.” This book became a huge international success. Her daily vlogs will have you learning and smiling on a regular basis.

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#1 Logan Paul

Logan Paul emerged from Vine. He used his hilarious personality to create prank and imitation videos that took over the internet. As his success in vlogging grew, he later appeared in various television series and films. Today, his daily vlogs consist of challenges that he likes to bring his audience along for.

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