First Date Ideas for Casual Encounters


First Date Ideas for Casual Encounters

Not every dating experience needs to have the aim of finding true love. There’s an increasing number of singletons who are looking for a good time, not a long time. 

Casual hookups are very popular, but it’s not always easy to strike the right balance between booty call and full-blown romance. A casual hookup ideally straddles the two, offering flirty fun without any strings attached. 

Setting up a formal date can convey the wrong idea, so what works well for a more casual meet? The six ideas below provide inspiration on how to arrange a first date hookup that is primed for success. 

Casual Meets

The wonders of modern technology mean that it’s possible to start the dating process before you meet up. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to begin flirting with singles nearby. 

Although the end goal may be to meet in real life, you’ll find that going online and finding a local hookup site of your choice is a great place to start. You’ll be able to start chatting to other singles, and find out who’s up for a casual hookup.

A video call is a fun alternative for a first date, and will help you figure out whether there’s any chemistry between you and your match.

Coffee Date

Whatever city you’re in, there’s almost certainly an abundance of coffee shops. You’ll find them in towns and tiny villages too; everyone loves to meet up for a coffee. 

The ideal first date provides the opportunity to escape if needed, as well as the potential to take things further. Meeting for a coffee offers lots of time to size your date up to decide if you want to progress things further, or call it quits after just one drink. 

Local coffee shops are great for whiling away the afternoon, while chatting and watching the world go by. You can grab a slice of cake or a pastry if you linger a little longer, or you might even decide to take your date home for more privacy. 

Grab a Bite to Eat

A meal is a helpful addition to any date, because you can fill any awkward silences with a mouthful of food from your plate! However, a reservation in a formal restaurant can feel a little excessive for a casual first date. 

That doesn’t mean you have to cancel the idea of getting some food as there are lots of places where you can enjoy a relaxed meal. A cafe, bistro or bar will have the ideal ambience for a casual hookup, whatever the time of day. 

Go Outdoors!

If you’re the active type, you might be hoping to hook up with someone who shares your passion for the great outdoors. Going for a hike or a cycle ensures that you’ll never run out of things to talk about as there’s so many potential topics of conversation all around. 

You can make the walk or ride as long or as short as you want, but for a first date, it’s better to keep things relatively short. You should also make sure that you don’t venture away from a public space until you know your date a bit better; stick to popular cycling paths or hiking routes for the first time. 

Movie Night Indoors

You don’t need to go out on an expensive date to have a casual hookup. Sometimes the simplest plans are the most enjoyable!

With the evolution of streaming services, there’s an unlimited choice of movies that you can watch at home. Pick a movie, add a bowl of popcorn to share, a hot date, and it’s the perfect evening in.

The added advantage of having a movie night indoors is that if things start to get a little intimate, you’ve got all the privacy you need.

Arts and Culture

Going to a museum, gallery or exhibition ensures that you’ll have plenty of topics of conversation. If you and your date share a passion for arts and culture, why not visit some of the local places when you meet up?

If you met on a dating app you’ll probably have a good idea of any shared interests which means it should be simple to find an event or place that you’ll both enjoy. Just because you’re only interested in a casual hookup doesn’t mean you can’t have fun visiting places together!

Create Your Own List

The above ideas are just a starting point for some fun casual dates, but the options are endless. It’s always a good idea to choose something that doesn’t cost too much as a starting point. If it’s a free activity, even better! That avoids any awkwardness about affordability and paying so you can just focus on enjoying each other’s company. 

Why not put together your own list of fun casual hookup ideas? The only limit is your imagination! 

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