Becoming a Magnet on LinkedIn This Holiday Season – 2019


Becoming a Magnet on LinkedIn This Holiday Season

(Personal Brand Building for Influencers)



If you truly want to understand how to become a magnet on LinkedIn this holiday season, you must have a proven strategy to create a serious impact online. In this article, we will explain 3 proven steps to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile and network.


Step One: Fix Your Profile

Your profile is your number one most viewed landing page. If you’re trying to convert more sales or increase your leads, you must ensure that your profile is more than a bunch of sporadic text. Unfortunately, not many people care about high school awards or a giant resume about your accomplishments over the last 10 years.

Instead, make a curated profile that addresses your audiences pain points and speaks directly to them.



Step Two: Audit your Network

Go through your entire LinkedIn network and make sure each connection is relevant to yourself and your industry. Delete every single connection that does not fit the criteria.

LinkedIn is making a conscious effort to show your content and profile to your first-degree network. Therefore, you need to ensure that your network is relevant to your business/services to maximize engagement and influence. Failing to do so will fade your profile into obscurity.





Step Three: Create A Content Strategy

Simply wishing everyone a happy holiday and posting status updates will not help you in the LinkedIn algorithm.

Try to create content that solves a problem with your audience, share credible articles that are trending with your network….. and ensure you have a bit of holiday cheer to it.



We hope you enjoyed this article. If you are able to implement these three steps, your engagement will increase exponentially this Winter.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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