Top 15 Marketing Experts in Phoenix in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Phoenix in 2024

Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona, is a vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and innovation. Known for its booming economy, diverse population, and dynamic business landscape, Phoenix attracts an abundance of talented marketing experts who thrive in its dynamic environment. Marketing professionals in Phoenix are renowned for their creativity and adaptability. With expertise across various industries, including technology, healthcare, tourism, and finance, these experts excel in crafting innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with local and global audiences alike. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Phoenix that you can contact right now:


Anand Patel

An experienced marketing professional, Anand possesses strong problem-solving and analytical decision-making skills, coupled with cross-functional leadership abilities. He has a proven track record in product management and marketing strategy, having worked with both start-ups and large multinational corporations. Anand’s expertise spans across product strategy, user experience, and marketing strategy, reflecting his comprehensive understanding of diverse business environments.


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Genaro Perez Diaz

Genaro, serving as Chief Marketing Officer for Peter Piper Pizza, is responsible for leading the brand strategy, marketing, and culinary innovation efforts. With a proven track record of spearheading marketing endeavors across the country, he has successfully collaborated with different major companies. His innovative approach and strategic vision have consistently propelled the brand to new heights, earning him recognition as a dynamic leader in the industry.


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Howard Tikka

With a wealth of experience spanning two decades, Howard excels in creative direction, brand evolution, and crafting brand marketing strategies. He possesses a top leadership style, emphasizing vision for team development and fostering strong brand connections. As a dynamic leader in creative brand marketing, he has implemented integrated brand marketing strategies and campaigns for luxury enterprises, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes.

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Jasmine Crowder

Jasmine has curated a team of passionate and dedicated experts, serving as the head of two agencies: First Steps and KANON. With nearly a decade of experience, she has spearheaded multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. Her background includes holding positions as VP of Marketing and CMO for two global companies.


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Jeremy Dingman

Jeremy, holding the position of Senior Integrated Marketing Manager at TE Connectivity, boasts 12 years of experience as a marketing leader. He takes great satisfaction in his adeptness at collaborating with colleagues and nurturing the growth of his team members. Jeremy excels in implementing B2B marketing strategies that not only enhance team efficiency but also boost revenue generation.


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Krysti Roush

As the Senior Vice President of Performance Marketing at Manifest, Krysti boasts more than 13 years of expertise and a demonstrated history of success spearheading comprehensive campaigns across various B2B and B2C sectors. Focusing on demand generation and user acquisition, she consistently achieves revenue growth through inventive strategies. Krysti’s leadership style emphasizes collaboration and a results-oriented mindset, highlighting her capacity to deliver significant impacts in the marketing realm.


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Mackenzie Dietz

In her role as the Digital Marketing Manager at Cardone Ventures, Mackenzie utilizes her expertise in data analytics, copywriting, and team leadership to achieve meaningful outcomes. Specializing in Digital Strategy and Customer Personalization, she is driven by a passion for leveraging data to optimize digital processes and forge successful omnichannel experiences for customers.


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Melissa Wright

As the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at American Pacific Mortgage, Melissa brings over 20 years of C-Suite Leadership experience to the table. Nationally ranked as an executive leader, she is recognized for her collaborative leadership style. She leads various areas, including sales technology, marketing, communication, innovation and support, and business development. Her expertise in marketing and communications strategies further enhances her value to the organization.


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Mia Adams

As the Senior Marketing Manager for Lead Forensics in the United States, Mia leverages her vast experience and fervor for marketing to collaborate with a global team of professionals, creating innovative, data-driven solutions tailored to businesses. With a BBA degree from Arizona State University, Mia spearheads the development of creative and effective marketing campaigns strategically aimed at captivating and connecting with the desired audience.


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Nichole Fabbro

Nichole has excelled in crafting, developing, and overseeing numerous company websites, implementing targeted promotions that have significantly boosted traffic. As a Strategic Digital Marketing Leader, she boasts a proven track record of devising successful marketing strategies for various organizations. Nichole’s key competencies include market research, social media management and strategy, SEO/SEM marketing, and a host of other skills essential for driving impactful digital marketing campaigns.


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Rebecca Jasch

Rebecca is an experienced marketer with expertise in brand strategy, content creation, and marketing automation, among other areas. She has a track record of successfully starting and leading multiple marketing departments. Rebecca specializes in helping companies translate goals into actionable strategies that drive growth. Currently, she serves as the Senior Director of Marketing at MyCarrier and is a Member of RevGenius.


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Rian Kirkman

Rian brings a rich history of launching billion-dollar luxury resort properties, celebrity chef restaurants, and entertainment residencies to the table. As an executive marketing leader and Senior Vice President of Marketing at VAI Resort, he specializes in multi-unit retail marketing, advertising, direct marketing, social media, sports marketing, sponsorships, and more. Rian’s expertise lies in crafting successful strategies that elevate brands and drive results in diverse industries.


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Rob Mattina

Rob, currently serving as the Vice President of Marketing for the Arizona Coyotes, brings over 20 years of expansive marketing experience across multiple industries and brands to the table. His expertise extends beyond marketing strategies, encompassing people development, cross-functional team leadership, and client-relationship building. Rob is renowned for his ability to strategically design integrated marketing programs that not only meet objectives but also drive significant brand growth and market impact.


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Roseann Fernandez

Roseann, currently serving as the Vice President of Brand Marketing & Creative at Scale Media, boasts over 20 years of experience in the Beauty/CPG and Cannabis industries. Her expertise spans all marketing disciplines, including global brand strategy, media planning, and more. As a results-driven global marketing executive, Roseann has demonstrated proven success across a diverse portfolio of brands. She is passionate about brand building making her a valuable asset in driving brand success and market impact.


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Trevor Stasik

As the Marketing Manager at the AMA Phoenix Chapter, Trevor leverages over 8 years of project management experience to strategize and drive revenue, products, and ideas for businesses and brands. He specializes in brand identity, strategy, and implementation, ensuring that organizations effectively communicate their unique value propositions to target audiences. With a keen focus on achieving results, Trevor is dedicated to fostering brand growth and success through innovative marketing initiatives and strategic planning.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Phoenix in 2024!

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