7 Skincare and Camera Tips for the Picture-perfect Influencer


7 Skincare and Camera Tips for the Picture-perfect Influencer

1.  Keep your skin moisturized

 Dry skin not only leads to other skin problems, but it can also be noticeable in front of the camera. Keeping your skin well-moisturized prevents extreme skin dryness and oiliness; two things that you’ll never want your skin to have.

No matter what type of skin you have, your skin needs to be moisturized every day. If you have any skin irritations, it would be better to avoid using chemical products. Instead, use natural products that contain all vitamins which are needed for keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized all day. You can use organic-based lotions or soaps and help your skin to recover from rashes. For instance, natural goat milk soaps contain fatty acids that will help you to nourish your skin and moisturize it. Other products that will keep your skin moisturized are lotions that contain honey. These products will help you to have perfect skin while taking photos for your blog.

There are many skin moisturizing products out there in the market. Coupled with other skincare products, you can be confident that you will always look your best. Head over to KryzUy.com and get the best skin care tips for your everyday influencer needs. Keep your skin moisturized and you’ll thank yourself later when you’re reviewing the footage and even when you’re looking in the mirror.

2. Keep yourself healthy

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as multiple studies have already proven that a healthy diet and enough sleep make the skin radiate. While you’re at it, remember to keep yourself hydrated.

While having a balanced diet and ditching unhealthy food should be enough, you can opt for a diet aimed at keeping your skin at its best. Or if you’re already on a diet plan, adding a cup or two of green tea can do wonders.

3. Pick the right foundation

To find the right foundation, you first need to consider your skin type. Those with normal to slightly dry skin usually look better in dewy foundations. People with naturally oily skin can opt for matte foundations.

If you have more mature skin, then foundations with a satin finish would work the best for you. You can pick a matte finish but take note that it can emphasize flaws and wrinkles.

After picking the right foundation finish, next is the perfect shade. Swatching shades of foundation on your arm is the norm, but take note that skin on the arm usually has a darker tone than the face. If you can’t try foundations on your face, consider trying it on your chest.

Also, don’t forget your skin’s undertones. The rule of thumb is yellow undertones for warm complexions, and pink undertones for the colder complexions. Playing nicely with your undertones will eliminate the need for color-correction, saving you a lot of time.

4. Practice your set lighting techniques

When it comes to the day of shooting, you must already have the perfect lighting set up in mind. If you can manage it, practice your set lighting ahead of the shoot. This will give you more time to review how it looks like in the frame so that you can focus on creating quality content on the day of filming.

To make your lighting practice more productive, consider keeping a sketchbook. Don’t settle for notes. Draw sketches of your lighting set-up. This will help you conceptualize the lighting technique that will fit the mood of your shoot. Sketches also do a better job of  reminding you of even the tiniest details of your plan.

Always remember that the lighting technique should be cohesive with your branding. Variations are welcome but developing and sticking to a certain lighting technique is the best approach. This gives your content consistency, leaving a better impression for your viewers. Once you master this, then you’ll have more time on your shoot.

 5. Take advantage of the golden hour for better Instagram selfies

You’ve probably heard of the magic of golden hour photography. Many even go as far as claiming that this natural Instagram filter is unmatched.

The so-called golden hour effect actually happens twice a day: right after sunrise and right before sunset. You can tell it by the golden hue that fills the scene: perfect for landscape photos and selfies.

What makes the golden hour so ideal for selfies is that the sun’s angle produces light that is more diffused than normal, which means more subtle shadows. Compare this to a photo taken when the sun is directly above, and you’d find harsher shadows.

There’s no definite time for the golden hour effect to be present, but a good approximation is one hour after sunrise and before sunset.


6. Know when to use the flash for your selfies

We all know that natural light is best for selfies. Yes, you’re better off not using your flash for the most part. However, this isn’t always the case because you can still get great selfies under less than ideal lighting conditions if you know how to use your flash well.

To augment selfies taken on your front-facing camera, the screen flash feature can do wonders. It can be found on the default iPhone camera app, but Snapchat also has the same feature for Android users.

When you hit that shutter button, the screen will be filled with a bright white light. This won’t be as strong as your standard camera flash, but it is also not as harsh. Along with other hacks like taking selfies from a higher angle, this tip can help give you amazing results in imperfect settings.

7. Up your filter game

Instagram filters have come a long way since the beginning of the app. Because users can add in their own custom filters, there’s no excuse for you to miss out on the fun and not find the perfect filters for you.

Nowadays, filters can offer much more than adding in a little bit of tint to your photos. They can even set the mood for your videos with just a simple touch.

However, if you want more freedom and customization in your filters, you can take a little tip from the Instagram influencer playbook: use third party apps such as VSCO and Lightroom to make your own presets.

Editing on apps like Lightroom can help you create the perfect vibe for your Instagram photos. You can tap into your creative juices and really set the emotion that you want in your shots. Additionally, these editing apps can help you tweak the lighting of your photos, which can’t be done with just putting on a filter.

But if you want a quick solution or you’re still experimenting with different editing tools, consider using a one-click enhancement tool. For example, you can enhance your photos with Picsart in seconds, whether it’s a digital image or a photo taken from the 90s! 

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