5 Daily Tips to Get Rid of Body Fat


5 Daily Tips to Get Rid of Body Fat

Obesity can cause many health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, gout, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and even depression. This is a well-known fact. However, still, a high percentage of people around the world have excess fat in stomach, on arms, double chins, around the waist, love handles, and elsewhere on their body. In fact, according to the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) 19th annual report, which was published in 2021, a staggering 41.9% of adult Americans are obese.

How to get rid of excess body fat is a very serious question. If you are obese, then it is essential that you get rid of fat on your body. Luckily, there are various ways in which you can do this.

Healthy Body Fat Percentage for Men and Women

We want to lose fat to become healthy. But the human body does need some fat. The healthy body fat percentage should be between 14% and 24%. However, the fat percentage differs depending on age. But generally, below 14% fat is considered dangerously low for women and 8% for men. Fat men and fat women will usually have a fat percentage of more than 27.2%. It is important to focus not just on your body weight but also body mass to find out exactly how much weight you need to reduce.

How to Get Rid of Body Fat

You will find many fat-burning supplements and fad diets that guarantee quick results. However, the truth is that, most of them don’t work. Some of them may even be bad for your health. The best ways to get rid of body fat involves doing the right things – exercising, reducing your sugar intake, eating healthy foods, and getting adequate rest.

1. Avoid Sugar and Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Drinking sweetened beverages, such as juice and soda regularly will surely make you put on body fat because they will add empty calories. Alcohol too will give you a lot of calories. It will also lower your inhibitions, which may make you overindulge on unhealthy foods.

So, restrict your intake of these drinks. You can drink sparkling essence water instead. It is a very good zero-calorie alternative. Iced green tea is another excellent choice. It has a lot of antioxidants that will improve your immune system and also give you more energy. Start small. Replace one sugary drink first and you can then progress gradually.

2. Body Sculpting Procedure

Body sculpting or body contouring is also an excellent was of getting rid of excess fat from the abdomen and other parts. This fat removal procedure can also tighten your skin and shape areas of your body. It can be done surgically or medically. The non-surgical methods involve using heat, cold, and laser, which surgical options include lifts, liposuction, and tucks. Non-surgical tummy tuck is the better option because the risks are less. The recovery time is also less.

CoolSculpting involves fat freezing to target the fat cells and also shape the body. This FDA-approved method uses controlled cooling methods to freeze the fatty cells and also does body contouring. There is no downtime. Naturally, coolsculpting in Toronto and elsewhere in the world has become very popular. This is the most popular method to get rid of body fat without exercise or surgery. It is completely safe too, which is why even the FDA has approved this procedure. It is also the fastest way to get rid of body fat.

Body contouring also involves injection lipolysis where deoxycholic acid is pushed into the body to target the fat cells. There is also laser lipolysis where lasers are used to destroy the excess fat. So, you see, there are so many ways to get rid of body fat without exercise.

3. Exercise Regularly

Doing workouts to get rid of body fat is, of course, a great idea. Running, strength training, resistance training, and aerobic exercise – they will all help you. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training combines intense sessions and short resting periods. It keeps your heart rate up and helps you burn more calories quickly. It is very good for quick fat loss. Studies have shown that HIIT can burn 30% more calories than other exercises.

Cardio exercises will also help in weight loss. Kickboxing, dancing, running, gymnastics, and walking are various forms of cardio. Other forms include running, biking, and swimming. You can even chase your dog. These physical activities will all boost your metabolic rate. Many experts recommend carrying out 20 to 40 minutes of cardio exercises every day to get rid of belly fat and improve overall body health.

Strength training is also a good idea. This will help you build muscle mass and also increase your strength over time. Multiple studies have revealed that doing strength training exercise for four weeks can reduce body weight by 1.46% on an average. It will boost metabolism and also significantly reduce your visceral fat and body fat mass.

There are many fat burning exercises out there. But always consult an expert before doing anything. Avoid if you have heart disease.

4. Try a Healthy Diet

There is no substitute to a healthy diet. Many studies have shown that a protein-rich diet can reduce appetite, increase fat burning, and lower the risk of obesity. It will also preserve your metabolism and muscle mass during the fat removal process. How does it work? You will feel full when you eat more proteins. This will reduce your hunger, and as a result, your calorie intake will go down. Protein-rich foods include eggs, seafood, meat, tofu, dairy products, and legumes.

Also include healthy fats in your diet. Those following a Mediterranean diet plan, get more healthy fats from nuts and olive oil. It works better than a low fat diet. You can also get good fats from seeds and avocados. However, you must stay away from trans fats, which you get from fried and processed foods. It will increase your risk of weight gain.

Apple cider vinegar and green tea are both good for health. Track your food intake and count the calories you are eating. Exercise to lose the calories.

5. Sleep More

You can get rid of body fat naturally by sleeping for 8 hours daily. Research has revealed that adults who don’t get enough sleep have a higher chance of obesity. Sleep is essential for toning the muscles and weight loss. Sleep deprivation will interfere with the ghrelin and leptin hormones, which are responsible for regulating appetite. This means, if you don’t sleep well, then you may end up eating more.

These are some of the best ways to get rid of body fat. You will not only lose the excess pounds, you will also be able to improve your overall health.

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