Best Practices for Editing Tutorials and How-to Videos


Best Practices for Editing Tutorials and How-to Videos

At the moment, video has begun to capture more and more areas of people’s lives, such as entertainment, professional areas, and education. Most users who watch various videos every day do not think about the complexity of their creation. Students who want to gain additional knowledge often face the question of where to find a high-quality and informative video that will help them with this. It is important to understand that creating and editing training videos is a rather responsible process that requires a lot of time and effort. For a better understanding of how to properly edit video tutorials, you can check out video creators on LinkedIn in 2023 and read this article to the end.

Tips for Editing Tutorial Videos

Editing tutorial videos can often become quite a challenge, especially for beginners. However, this article was created to show that everything is much simpler and to give the necessary advice to do it in a hurry. First of all, you need to choose a reliable mp4 editor that will have a large number of functions and tools and will meet your requirements and wishes. You can find further tips below.

Choose Reliable Editing Software

As soon as you decide to create training videos, you should immediately think about a program that will help make the shots bright and interesting. Choosing the right software can be a little tricky because, with so many apps out there, you need to choose the right one for your content. Most video editors have similar functions, and almost all allow you to trim the video, remove unnecessary frames, add visual effects, text, audio, and more. However, you should choose an editing application based on personal requirements and wishes.

Make a Storyboard

A storyboard is necessary so that you can clearly define the sequence of frames. Remember that all shots should be in a logical order and be easy for viewers to understand. Keep a close eye on the amount of material you provide and make sure all frames are in the correct order. Educational videos are the type of content where planning is one of the most important parts.

Adjust Video Size

All content creators know that to publish a video on a particular platform, there are some requirements. Most likely, you already know which site you want to upload the file to, so carefully study the requirements of the platform and adjust the size accordingly. Every software has a roller size adjustment feature, so all you have to do is set the options you want. If you ignore the requirements of the platform, you can sacrifice the quality of the video or make it look ugly, with frames.

Make a Strong Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion in the tutorial videos are the main parts. With a strong intro, you can show the audience what is going to happen on the screen and keep them interested so that they want to watch it to the end. It is also important to make a good conclusion since the results of what has been said are important for people who are learning and from which they can take useful information. Before you start shooting a training video, think carefully about how you will make the introduction and try to make it as bright and informative as possible.

Use Visual Effects and Text Accompaniment

While facial effects can elevate your video’s appeal, the choice of best subtitle font is equally crucial for ensuring clarity and maintaining brand identity. Effective use of subtitles ensures your viewers absorb every piece of information, enhancing learning outcomes. Video editing software like Lightworks has a huge number of useful features and tools to help make your video look amazing. You can add beautiful transitions, vibrant special effects, animations, and text. Text accompaniment in training videos plays an important role, so adding text to your video will not be superfluous. Viewers need to see not only important information and material but also a beautiful picture, from which it will be impossible to take their eyes off.


As we mentioned earlier, filming and editing tutorial videos is quite a responsible and important mission that does not tolerate mistakes. In addition to the fact that you need to shoot high-quality footage, after that, you also need to edit the shots with high quality. Before embarking on the editing process in the first place, it is important to choose reliable software that will have a large number of tools that will help make the video successful. 

Some programs have advanced features with which you can make your clip look like a Hollywood movie. However, almost all video editors have a standard set of options, thanks to which you can not only trim and cut out unnecessary frames but also add various transitions, vivid visual effects, sound, music, voice-over, text, and much more. Choose the best editing apps and use the tips above to create an amazing video tutorial that will get millions of views!

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