Creating the Perfect Background for Social Media, and Professional Online Meetings


Creating the Perfect Background for Social Media, and Professional Online Meetings

You don’t want your food to be bland and uneventful–you’d want to taste some spice and something nice. That is the same with your social media and professional online meetings–you also want to have those little tidbits that will make your presentation worth a second glance.

Creating a perfect background is quite subjective and yet a work of art, too. You want your audience to be with you and follow and like your posts and visuals. Some neat tricks may just come in handy.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Stellar Backgrounds 

The Ever Natural Light Magic

The sun’s natural light will reveal your best features, so make the most of it. You can rearrange your furniture and setup by facing a window or a well-lit area to give your background a warm and inviting glow. 

There’s that feeling of a homey welcome and a more relaxed feeling when everything is alright. How much more if it’s in your background?

Declutter Your Space

Making sure that your online canvas only shows a simple but tidy background is already a plus in your online presence. Just keep it simply worth remembering. 

You can clean up beforehand, removing distractions and clutters that may disturb your audience’s attention. It will paint a cleaner and more pronounced background, inviting your followers to focus more on your subject and your presentation.

Show Some Personality

You want your audience to get what you mean, be there, and follow you. The trick is to let your audience take a little peek at your personality. You can add items that speak of personal touches, like a favorite throw pillow, a colorful lampshade, or a not-too-distracting wall painting. These pieces can be your spectacular backgrounds that tell off your preferences and inclinations.

You can also order some custom trophies from providers like and other online specialty shops. These items can be your perfect background, especially if your topic is about your success story, sports, or something about achievements and achievers.

Branding Touch

It’s best to consider adding subtle branding elements if you’re about to make a professional presentation. You don’t really need a stark and blatant picture for a background. A logo on the side or your company’s color can add a touch of professionalism. 

It’s just like a not-so-obvious effort to advertise your brand, yet it’s one simple way to create an online presence that definitely stands out. Sometimes, after an array of elaborate designs, the simplest can be your perfect background, plain yet beautifully uncomplicated.

Backdrop Options

A little experiment with backdrops can be helpful in deciding which would look best online. Virtual backgrounds can be worth experimenting too. It’s a fun way to switch things, like a picturesque beach in the Maldives or the stark beauty of the Sahara.

However, you do have to make sure that these backgrounds don’t overpower your presence and your presentation as a whole.

Mind Your Angles

Imagine your camera angles as your canvas space that you need to fill with your presence. So, make sure that you get that flattering and natural look in your virtual meetings. It’s just actually as simple as minding your camera angles.

It’s best to position the camera around your eye level to create a more balanced perspective. It actually minimizes distortion and can present a more authentic image. This trick gives you a more natural and neutral background as if you’re just having a face-to-face chat. 

Color Harmony

Colors can influence the mood and setting of your presentation. It’s why you need to choose them wisely. You can use and adjust colors to match your skin tone and make you look good on your camera. 

There are a lot of colors you can experiment with, so choose something that can set the right mood for the occasion, whether it’s a party night or an early morning coffee sharing.


One of the best and oldest tricks in the book, and before every presentation is the word, prepare. Your preparation can help you create that perfect background you’re after. So, always prepare and test your setup before meetings or photoshoots to avoid any last-minute surprises that might need time-consuming fixes. 

There’s no such thing as over-preparation, but unpreparedness is the root of many failures. It’s best to make a list of things that need checking, like lighting, camera angles, and your background’s overall appearance. You can always avoid hitches that may overwhelm you even before you begin your presentation.

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