Making Direct Selling Work for You


Making Direct Selling Work for You

Business ownership has many paths, but they all start in the same place—a passion for entrepreneurship.

Owning a brick-and-mortar business can be intimidating. Even with the entrepreneurial spirit, you still need to lease a property, hire staff, make payroll, advertise, keep operating hours, and manage a thousand other projects before you see a return on your investment. That’s why many entrepreneurs and salespeople have moved to direct sales.

Direct selling (also known as network marketing) is an increasingly popular form of business where distributors sell goods and services to consumers through a business they represent. These independent contractors claim an affiliation with a company but have the flexibility to work on their own terms.

It’s a great option allowing driven individuals to forego the trappings of a physical location while continuing to focus on their business. And unlike traditional business models, business owners can rely on the direct sales company to support back-of-the-house necessities (advertising, sales tools, social media posts, reputation). 

Even the most effective salesperson is at a disadvantage when they’re dealing with the minutia a traditional business requires. By partnering with a direct sales company, you can direct your energies toward reaching, engaging, and exciting new customers with the ultimate goal of making a sale.

Do Business the Right Way

It’s essential to partner with a reputable direct sales company you can trust. Take USANA Health Sciences, for example. Since 1992, USANA has been the industry leader in health supplements and nutritional products. Based in science and a singular focus on cellular health, USANA has expanded throughout the world with dedicated direct sellers and passionate customers.

USANA’s Associates operate as independent contractors, and the company provides all the tools they need to operate their business from advertising to tax preparation. It takes the guesswork out of operating a business so Associates have the freedom to focus on selling products they love.

It’s an ingenious strategy that works because USANA’s products are award winning, world renowned, and manufactured to the highest standards. Associates trust the company to have their best interests in mind. Plus, they don’t need to worry about keeping a diverse range of inventory on hand—and when orders are placed, USANA fulfills and ships them directly to the customer.

Selling products as a representative of a direct sales company like USANA also comes with relatively lower risks than starting a business from scratch. You get to keep your day job, and startup costs are considerably less. You don’t have to fund a physical retail space, manage stock, hire employees, or develop branding from the ground up—the list goes on.

Eliminating these responsibilities gives direct sellers the time and creativity to focus on growth without the restraints of a traditional business.

Help Without the Want Ads

One of the perks of entrepreneurship is the time flexibility it offers. You know yourself best and can determine the best approach to structure your business or plan your workday. In network marketing, you control:

  • The Work: You may choose to conduct most of your business through social media or an e-commerce website, or you can meet potential new clients at in-person and digital events if you prefer more direct interaction.
  • The Product: Many direct sales companies offer quality goods and services at various price points. Keep your hobbies and interests in mind as you search for the right opportunity, and choose what vibes most with you.
  • The Effort: Network marketing works around your schedule. Nearly 90% of distributors run their businesses on the side, working under 10 hours a week. Of course, you get what you put in—dedicate as much or as little time as you’re willing to put forth.

Effective direct sales companies give distributors the tools they need to be successful. Running a profitable business is challenging enough—why get bogged down with the overwhelming details when the direct sales company can do the work for you?

If your company offers inventory control, marketing tools, and upfront pricing, you’re working with a good company that can support your business.

Let’s Get to Work

Everyday folks have the opportunity to put their entrepreneurial vision to the test in a way that best suits them—and with relatively lower risk compared to building a traditional business from the ground up. If you feel this business model could be a good fit, start your search with the Direct Selling News’ Top 100, which tracks the revenues of the largest companies in the direct selling sphere.

If you have the desire to own and operate your own business, but don’t want to go the traditional route, consider partnering with a direct sales company. Before you know it, you could be sharing products you love while building a business your way. 

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