What Is a Form Builder Software?


What Is a Form Builder Software?

Any modern business cannot do without data collection. Whereas traditional surveys were previously conducted with respondents writing down on paper, they have now been replaced by modern technology. For example, it is possible to issue tasks via a website, fill out questionnaires on a computer and send them by email. If it is necessary, archiving is used. You can create forms with the help of form builder software to get important information. These are distributed to different parts of the world through various platforms. The data is analyzed with the help of appropriate software, thanks to which the risk of making mistakes is minimized. The aim is to attract more customers, thanks to which the company’s revenue grows.

Modern Form Builder Software

Preferably, the software should be developed keeping in mind the nuances and requirements of a particular business. With form builder software, you can manage files. For example, by dragging and dropping them from one place to another. More commonly, providers also use other inbuilt tools that are optimal during surveys and questionnaires. The data collected from respondents is stored on a PC or in the cloud.

Implementing an off-the-shelf tool is the ability to create paper or digital forms and distribute files without significant effort. These include contracts, subscriptions, registration forms on various websites, CVs, requests to collect donations, and invitations to attend events. Once the document is created, the editor receives a link that can be sent via email or other communication channels. 

HR and marketing managers find it easier to use ready-made templates. With drag-and-drop accessibility:

  • written text;
  • drop-down lists;
  • tick boxes;
  • digital signatures.

Company employees only need to customize the content of each block correctly. Additional formatting is used to make the file attractive. To make it easier to scan a document, optical character recognition technology is sometimes implemented. At personal discretion, the desired action is performed. The first is to compose a personalized message, the second is to send a notification, and the third is to make an appointment. 

There is software that can be considered as a stand-alone business solution. Some forms include three varieties of software:

  • CRM for sales management;
  • for conducting surveys;
  • to attract potential customers.

Varieties include personalized forms. With the help of special programs, they can be easily created by people who are not familiar with programming. Questions are entered into a constructor, the management of which is intuitive. A colorfully designed page is sure to be remembered by customers. The user can choose a theme from the developer’s gallery or create a new one. 

When creating a style, three nuances are taken into account: the first is the background, the second is the font, and the third is the color. With the help of inbuilt tools it is possible to insert videos.  

Nuances of Using Form Builder Software

The software will help automate actions and increase the company’s revenue if you follow simple rules. There are five of them:

  1. Use dialogue with the audience. If respondents are willing to answer, they should be asked a minimum number of questions.
  2. Relevance check. You should only ask respondents questions if certain criteria are met. It is not appropriate to ask a vegan about meat.
  3. Showing creativity. For example, in a medical facility, you can ask patients to write reviews about the work of doctors.
  4. Easy to display on a mobile phone. In the 2020s, most potential customers will use smartphones.
  5. Ability to choose a communication channel. One of the preferred options is chatbots. They are embedded by simply copying a code.

One of the criteria of a modern form maker solution is the ability to use intelligence. It is only when several conditions are met that questions are posed to potential respondents. Unsuitable ones are eliminated based on previous answers. For this purpose, software developers implement a logical thinking function.

The more communication channels, the better. The site owner can get a QR code for respondents to give answers in the questionnaire. Other options are following a link to a landing page, reading an SMS message received or an advertising post on social media.

Real-time reporting is preferred, with the collected information stored in a database. Responses can be filtered and compared to each other automatically with a minimum of manual labor. It is recommended to use analytics that are combined with several platforms and applications at once.

Advantages of a Simple Form Maker Solution

By using Pandadoc software with the free demo version, you will appreciate many advantages. These include:

  1. Easy form creation and reusability. It is customisable according to the personal requirements of the business owner. Quality application deals with data collection from outside. 
  2. No programming skills are required. The form is created independently with the help of an intuitive tool. Only seconds are spent on such actions. 
  3. There is accurate data collected about each user. Any dissatisfaction is automatically transferred to the complaint book. Unlike manual transfer, the risk of errors is minimized. As a result, the work of the company’s employees becomes more productive. 
  4. The tool is suitable for promoting the firm’s services. A logo, a suitable font and color palette are added to match the business. Using one’s own domain is preferred. The collected data is suitable for promoting one’s services through social networks or email, as well as phone calls.
  5. The number of refusals to buy or order services is reduced. The owner of the site can independently see how many visitors leave the site in a few seconds after going to it. After that, it creates an attractive page without boring information.

An embeddable form with adjustable width and height is an effective tool for attracting potential customers (conversion tool). All the things are done to make them visit the landing pages. Company owners don’t have to hire an in-house designer and programmer. Advantages – saving on labor costs and minimizing the use of human resources. 

Where and How to Order Form Maker Solution

The preferred option is to pre-test the demonstration version. It should contain templates of questions with which it is easier to start collecting feedback. It is recommended to choose a trial application sent by email. Money should be transferred only after fruitful testing.

There are several important aspects to the software selection. These include an integrated drag-and-drop editor. It is desirable to combine CRM-platforms with the possibility of making payments online. Be sure to have custom templates with themes, automatic email notifications, tools for adding documents, images and other files.

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