Best Pre-Loved 35mm Film Cameras you can Get on Amazon

Best Pre-Loved 35mm Film Cameras you can Get on Amazon


Pre-Loved 35mm Film Cameras on Amazon

If you’re interested in shooting film photography, buying a pre-loved 35mm film camera is an excellent way to start, especially for film cameras for beginners. These cameras have stood the test of time and offer unique characteristics and charm that cannot be found in modern digital cameras. In this list, we will highlight some of the best pre-loved 35mm film cameras you can get on Amazon, from brands like Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, and more, providing a brief overview of their key features and why they are worth considering.

Canon A-1

A highly regarded 35mm film camera produced by Canon. It was introduced in 1978 as a step up from the Canon AE-1 and offered more advanced features and capabilities.

It is known for its versatility and was popular among amateur and professional photographers. In addition, the Canon A-1 introduced a unique Program mode, where the camera automatically selects both the aperture and shutter speed, making it a convenient option for quick shooting.


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Minolta X-700

It was introduced by Minolta in 1981. It is widely regarded as one of Minolta’s best manual focus SLR cameras. The film camera is known for its advanced features, solid build quality, and ease of use.

The Minolta X-700 offers a range of exposure modes, allowing photographers to control their exposure settings or rely on the camera’s automatic program mode for convenience.

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Yashica MF-2 Super

This camera keeps the nostalgia alive with its 1990s-inspired look. This compact point-and-shoot controls your exposure while making analog photography fun and convenient.

The Yashica MF-2 Super offers a focusing range from 1m to infinity and has a built-in flash, so you use it to get perfect snapshots even in low light.


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Canon AE-1

It is a classic 35mm film camera introduced by Canon in 1976. It quickly gained popularity and became one of the most successful SLR cameras.

The Canon AE-1 is often recommended for beginners due to its ease of use and availability of accessories, including motor drives for continuous shooting, interchangeable focusing screens, and more. 

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Olympus OM-10

It was introduced by Olympus in 1979 as part of their OM system. It is a compact and lightweight SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera known for its user-friendly design and versatility.

The Olympus OM-10 is a reliable and versatile camera that offers a balance between manual control and automated features. Besides, the camera provides interchangeable focusing screens, allowing users to customize the viewfinder to their preferences and shooting conditions.



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Canon AE-1 Program

It was introduced in April 1981 as an upgraded version of the original Canon AE-1. The AE-1 Program introduces a Programmed Auto mode where the camera automatically selects the aperture and shutter speed for optimal exposure. This mode offers a convenient and quick shooting option.

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Canon Vintage F1

It is renowned for its robust build quality, professional features, and exceptional performance. Although the Canon F-1 is often considered one of the best cameras of its time, it is often sought after by collectors and film photography enthusiasts due to its historical significance and exceptional performance.

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The Pentax ME Super

It was introduced by Pentax in 1980. It is a compact, lightweight camera that offers manual and semi-automatic exposure control.

One of the notable features of the Pentax ME Super is its aperture-priority automatic exposure mode, known as the “Auto” mode. In this mode, the camera sets the shutter speed automatically based on the aperture value selected by the photographer.

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Olympus Stylus MJU-II

Also known as the Olympus Stylus Epic, it is a highly regarded compact 35mm film camera introduced by Olympus in 1997. It gained significant popularity due to its sleek design, advanced features, and exceptional image quality.

One of the standout features of the Stylus MJU-II is its high-quality lens. It boasts a 35mm f/2.8 fixed lens known for its sharpness and excellent low-light performance.

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The Nikon 28Ti

It is a high-end compact film camera introduced by Nikon in 1994. It is part of Nikon’s prestigious Titanium series, known for its exceptional build quality and advanced features.

The Nikon 28Ti is designed for photographers who prioritize portability without compromising image quality.





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Fujifilm Klasse W

It was released by Fujifilm in 2007. It is part of the Klasse series, known for its high-quality optics and user-friendly design. In addition, this film camera offers a wider field of view compared to the other models in the series.

The Klasse W offers fully automatic operation, making it incredibly easy to use. In addition, it features autofocus with a focus lock function, allowing photographers to quickly and accurately capture sharp images.



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Nikon FM2

It was introduced by Nikon in 1982. It is part of Nikon’s renowned FM series, known for its robust build quality, mechanical precision, and manual control options.

The Nikon FM2, in particular, has gained a strong reputation among photographers for its reliability and durability.


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Olympus XA2

It was introduced by Olympus in 1980. It is part of the popular XA series, known for its compact size, simplicity, and high-quality optics. It is designed to be minor, lightweight, and easy to use.

Olympus XA2’s compact size easily fits into a pocket or bag, making it a convenient camera for everyday use or travel photography.


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Minolta X-570

It features a durable metal body construction that is both robust and lightweight. In addition, it has a classic SLR design with a pentaprism viewfinder, providing a clear and bright view of the scene. It was introduced by Minolta in 1983.

Additionally, the Minolta X-570 incorporates a self-timer function, allowing photographers to capture self-portraits or group shots without needing a remote shutter release.


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Pentax K1000

It was introduced by Pentax in 1976. It is considered one of the most iconic and popular manual focus film cameras, known for its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. One of the critical features of the Pentax K1000 is its fully mechanical shutter.

It operates without the need for batteries, except for the built-in light metering system, ensuring the camera can still function even when the batteries are depleted.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Pre-Loved 35mm Film Cameras you can Get on Amazon!

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