Talented Painters In Canada In 2021


Talented Painters In Canada In 2021

Art, besides being aesthetic, communicates and transmits what the painter carries within themself. For those who love culture and talent, here we present what we consider some of the best painters in Canada this 2021. Delight yourself with their works and incredible talents

Dimitri Khilchenko

Dimitri was born into a military family, but life led him to meet excellent artists who influenced his life. He studied art and theatre, on a journey through the world, he developed the best skills as the artist he is today.

Check his website and get to know his masterpieces.



Marie-Josée Primeau

Marie Josée studied in Los Angeles, inspired by many of her travels, especially in the United Arab Emirates reflects the passion for the human being.

Visit her website!



Tom Ashbourne

This sculptor has spent many years of his life practicing this art, he is very creative because, in things where hardly anyone would see any form, Tom manages to imagine and transform a new appearance.

He says that his sculptures are an expression of his knowledge and we believe it. Check out his website.


Janet B. Armstrong

She has accreditations in many recognized galleries such as the Federation of Canadian Artists, she has different categories to represent her works and the value of these are well valued.

Check her website!

Jocelyne Bellemare

Jocelyne is an expert in art, her journey for more than 35 years has given her the experience that she has today. She has participated in many exhibitions and her works are so exclusive that they are the subject of private exhibitions in Canada.

Check her website!


Lynn Bertrand

She considers it an honour to make her art service to society. Her studies began more than 20 years ago. For her, beauty alone must be created!

Visit her website!



Gail Backus

Gail is a graduate of York University, has exhibited her work in galleries in Toronto and has won awards not only in Canada but in Japan as well.

Check out her website.



Gabi Dao

The future that awaits this young artist is unique, from a very young age she has managed to develop an unparalleled talent.

Visit her website!




Don Bergland

Don tries to capture the mental research in his creations, each work has a meaning, is studied and seeks that the viewer manages to decipher interpret their own narratives.

He has won many creative awards, we invite you to read his biography to know who this talented artist is.



Alijan Alijanpour

His recognition in the art world and not only in Canada but around the world is unparalleled, besides being an artist with a unique talent, he teaches his learning in different universities. He also founded a school and this is little of what we can talk about Alijan.

Visit his website and learn more about this master of art.



Wendy Bermingham

She knows how to give life to the textures and patterns she finds around her, the connection she has with nature is one of her greatest inspirations and she loves abstract shapes.

Whatever you’re looking for in art, you’ll find it following Wendy! 






Ingrid Black

She has a unique style since she mixes surrealism with rock and roll, who does something like this? her art caught our attention because of the combinations she has in her artwork.

You can tell by her website that she is a real pro.



Anne Barkley

She is inspired by the landscape she finds around her. Thanks to her years of experience, Anne has managed to stand out in the world of artists and has been recognized by the Society of Canadian Artists. She also shares her knowledge, teaching classes in the United States and Canada.

Follow her on her website.



Rajni Perera

The perspective that we can see in Ranji, is that she creates her own aesthetic, she goes out of every day and through her work reveals biblical icons and those that she invents herself.

Rajni’s website has incredible content.


Ann Blach

Anna paints in oils and watercolours. Her art has been shown both in Canada and internationally, she has won many awards and has participated in various exhibitions.

Visit her website now.



We hope you’ve enjoyed the Talented Painters In Canada In 2021!

*All photos were taken from their respective websites.

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