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The 15 Youngest Entrepreneurs Who are Making Millions


The 15 Youngest Entrepreneurs Who are Making Millions

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, age is no longer a barrier to success. With innovative ideas, hard work, and determination, young entrepreneurs worldwide are making millions of dollars before they even hit their 30s. In this list, we’ll introduce you to 15 of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs who have not only achieved financial success but have also positively impacted their communities and the world.

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1. Olivia Cheng

Olivia Cheng’s entrepreneurial journey began with a passion for sustainability and fashion. Armed with just $2,000 and a collection of upcycled vintage coats, she launched Dauphinette in 2018. Her unique designs, featuring nontoxic resin-dipped flowers on clothes, quickly caught the attention of the fashion industry and consumers alike.

Her success was further bolstered by appearances on NYFW runways and inclusion in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Made In America” exhibit. With her business flourishing, Cheng was on track to earn $1 million in revenue in 2022. Besides, celebrities such as Keke Palmer and Gigi Hadid also became fans of her designs.

2. Jahaan Ansari and Eric Wu

They first met as co-captains of their high school soccer team. Years later, they coated to cofound Gainful, a personalized nutrition company designed for everyone, not just elite athletes.

Gainful allows customers to customize their protein powder regime based on their physiology, diet, and lifestyle with the help of a registered dietitian. After launching with the support of YCombinator, the brand has grown rapidly, with more than 3 million people taking the company’s quiz and over 850,000 orders. The company has generated over $20 million in annual revenue, turning them into some of the youngest entrepreneurs making millions.

3. Mikaila Ulmer

She was just 11 years old when she founded Me & the Bees Lemonade, a company that makes lemonade using honey instead of sugar. Inspired by her Great Granny Helen’s flaxseed lemonade recipe and a desire to help save the honeybees, Mikaila started selling her lemonade at youth entrepreneurial events and her lemonade stand outside her home.

After receiving a $60,000 investment in Shark Tank in 2015, I & the Bees Lemonade began to soar. Mikaila’s idea has grown by more than 500 percent since the company’s humble beginnings in Austin, Texas. Today, the award-winning, ready-to-drink Me & the Bees Lemonades come in five refreshing flavours and are sold in major retailers such as Whole Foods and Target.

Image Credits: Me & the Bees Lemonade


4. John and Patrick Collison

From a young age, John Collison and his brother, Patrick, showed a keen interest in technology and entrepreneurship. After completing his secondary education, John enrolled at Harvard University to study physics. During his first year, he took a leave of absence to work on his startup, Auctomatic, with his brother.

In 2008, John and Patrick sold Auctomatic for $5 million to a Canadian company. They used the money to launch Stripe, a payment processing company that aims to simplify online transactions for businesses of all sizes. Stripe allows companies to accept customer payments worldwide, handle subscriptions, and manage fraud. Stripe’s success has been phenomenal. The company is now valued at over $100 billion.

5. Akshay Varma, Aditya Ruia and Anuj Ruia

Akshay Varma, Aditya Ruia, and Anuj Ruia put their heads together and started working on a plan to create an eco-friendly home and personal care brand. And that’s how Beco was born in 2017. Their goal was to develop a range of products to help people reduce their carbon footprint without compromising quality.

Their first product was the Beco Bar, a plastic-free soap bar made with natural, gentle ingredients on the skin. Later, they expanded their product line to include eco-friendly home and personal care products like detergent sheets, fabric softener sheets, and floor cleaning sheets.

In just four years, Beco has grown exponentially. The brand has expanded its reach to over 5,000 stores across the country and claims to have sold close to 20 million products. The startup has also raised $3 million in Series A funding led by Rukam Capital in September 2022.

6. Cory Nieves

Cory’s business, Mr. Cory’s Cookies, began with a simple idea. He loved baking cookies with his mom and wanted to share them. So, they started selling them in their Englewood, New Jersey neighbourhood. They quickly became a hit, and before they knew it, they were selling them online and shipping them across the country.

He appeared on numerous TV shows and news programs, inspiring others to follow their dreams. Now, at 18, Cory has expanded his business to include merchandise like t-shirts and hats and has even written a children’s book called “Bake a Business: How to Start and Run a Successful Business from Home.” He continues to inspire others with his story, proving that no dream is too big and no one is too young to start their own business. And that’s why he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs making millions included on the list.

Image Credits: Mr. Cory’s Cookies


7. Moziah Bridges

He was just nine years old when he discovered his passion for fashion. He loved wearing bow ties but couldn’t find any that suited his style. So, he decided to make his own. With the help of his grandmother, Bridges started creating bow ties and selling them at local markets and festivals.

His business, Mo’s Bows, quickly took off, and he has since landed deals with major retailers like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. Bridges, who has appeared on “Shark Tank,” is now 20 years old and has sold more than $100,000 in handmade men’s ties and accessories. By 2022, Bridges had a net worth of more than 2 million.

8. Jamie Steenbakkers

Jamie Steenbakkers was a college freshman when she came up with the idea for her business. She and a classmate, Michael Leahy, decided to create their zero-waste beauty brand, Busy Co., that specialized in biodegradable wipes made of upcycled fabric scraps.

In their mid-twenties, Steenbakkers and Leahy are business partners who have raised over $3 million in funding and made more than $2 million in revenue. Their product has been picked up by major retailers like Kohls and Macy’s,

9. Bella Weems

She was 14 when she started Origami Owl, a jewelry company that allows customers to create custom lockets with personalized charms. It all started with a dream to buy a car when she turned 16.

With the help of her mother, Weems launched the company in 2010 from her home in Arizona. She started by hosting “jewelry bar” parties, where she would display her products and take orders. The business quickly took off, and within a year, Origami Owl generated more than $1 million in revenue. And by the time she graduated from high school in 2014, Origami Owl had more than 60,000 independent designers and was on track to make more than $250 million in annual revenue.


Image Credits: Think Goodness


10. Juliette Brindak

When she was 16, she cofounded Miss O & Friends, a social networking site for teenage girls, launched in 2025. The idea for the site was born out of her struggles to fit in during middle school. She wanted to create a safe online space where girls could connect and share advice on fashion, beauty, and relationships.

As the site grew, Brindak began to monetize it by selling advertising space and partnering with companies to create branded content. By turning 19, she had built Miss O & Friends into a profitable business. In 2008, she even landed a book deal based on the site’s content. Today, Miss O & Friends has millions of users and generates millions of dollars in revenue annually.

11. Mackenzie Drazan

After experiencing the devastating loss of her sister to suicide, Mackenzie Drazan met Gabriela Asturias in their dorm room at Duke University. In 2017, they founded MiResource, a service aimed at helping patients navigate the complex landscape of mental healthcare and find the proper treatment for their unique needs.

Their platform empowers health institutions, particularly university counselling centers, to connect better with students and local mental health providers. Their innovative approach has not gone unnoticed. MiResource recently secured a $3 million seed round of funding. In addition, the company was awarded a $1.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health

12. Fraser Doherty

At 14 years old, he started making jams and selling them to his neighbours in Scotland. He quickly realized that his homemade jams were a hit and started his own business. With help from his grandmother’s recipes, Fraser began creating small batches of jams in his parents’ kitchen.

Over the years, Fraser’s business continued to grow, and he expanded into new markets worldwide. Today, his company, SuperJam, sells a range of fruit spreads, sauces, and smoothies in over 2,000 stores across the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.


Image Credits: SuperJam


13. Amira Barkal

In 2018, she founded Pheast Therapeutics, a biotech startup focused on developing new therapies for autoimmune diseases. She believed she could make a real difference in people’s lives by taking a novel approach to drug development. Their strategy paid off. In just a few short years, Pheast has made significant progress in developing new treatments for autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The company has raised millions of dollars from top investors, closing on a $76 million Series A funding in April. Barkal has also been named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Science, turning her into one of the youngest entrepreneurs making millions.

14. Jeremy Miller

What sets his story apart is that it started with a series of setbacks. At the young age of 16, he founded Void Longboards, which gained some initial success in the market. However, despite his best efforts, the company eventually failed. But he did not let this discourage him.

With his significant social media following, he founded a new company, J R Miller Group, which started as a social media consultancy and later transformed into Inspired Blue Media, a media firm with an impressive client list that included Subaru and NASA. Miller’s business acumen and creative marketing strategies helped his company grow rapidly, and before he knew it, he had become one of the youngest entrepreneurs to make millions of dollars.

15. Sean Belnick

Spending nearly three days locked in his bedroom, he emerged with the idea that would revolutionize the office furniture industry. He named his company Bizchair and began selling office chairs, gradually expanding his product line and clientele.

Belnick’s business acumen and hard work paid off as he continued to grow and expand his company (now called Ubique Group). As a result, he landed significant clients like Google and Microsoft, establishing himself as a leading office furniture supplier. Today, Belnick’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination.


Image Credits: Ubique Group


We hope you enjoy the list of the youngest entrepreneurs making millions!

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