The Best Travel Blogs of 2023

The Best Travel Blogs of 2023


The Best Travel Blogs

Embark on a journey through the great community of travel blogging, where many explorers have transformed their passion for exploration into their lives. From solo adventurers to luxurious and eco-conscious travelers, this collection invites you to immerse yourself in their different perspectives and find inspiration for your travel expedition.

Adventurous Kate

Empowering women to travel the world safely and encouraging them to have the best travel experiences are the reasons why Kate McCulley created “Adventurous Kate“. Kate shares her personal journey of leaving her job in 2010 to embark on solo travels while offering guidance, safety tips, destination inspiration, and personal anecdotes.


Unlike most of the travel community, Matt Long, the creator of “LandLopers“, is not a backpacker, nor did he leave everything behind to see the world; he made travel his profession. LandLopers aims to make travel more enjoyable for everyone, providing insights into the art and science of exploring the world and serving as an informative hub for various travel topics.

The Planet D

The Planet D is an award-winning travel blog founded in 2007 by Dave and Deb, two regular people who believe that everyone has the potential to live their dreams. They embrace the mantra “Adventure is for Everyone” and share detailed city guides, personal travel tips, inspiring stories, and more. The blog reflects the journey of a married couple, from feeling trapped to discovering their passion for travel. In addition, they collaborated with major travel brands and companies as spokespeople and brand ambassadors.


Expert vagabong

Matthew Karsten, an adventure photographer & digital nomad, is the creator of “Expert vagabond“. The blog is a hub for daily inspiration and motivation for those seeking a life filled with adventure. Matt encourages readers to prioritize experiences over possessions, fostering an open-minded approach to new possibilities and discovery. Here, you can find captivating stories, budget travel tips, engaging YouTube videos, and inspiring photography.

Wild junket

Wild Junket is not just a travel blog but a testament to personal growth, resilience, and the transformative power of travel in shaping a life filled with adventure and discovery. The writer, Nellie Huang, is a Singaporean who has the mission to travel to every country in the world. The blog covers the adventure travel lifestyle, her career in travel writing, and the integration of family and motherhood into a life of exploration.

Wandering Earl

A spontaneous three-month trip to Southeast Asia in 1999 evolved into over 20 years of nonstop travel. Although it sounds like a tale, it is the story of Derek Earl Baron, the creator of “Wandering Earl“. The blog aims to prove that long-term travel is a realistic lifestyle option, offering authentic insights and practical advice on the highs and challenges of the author’s extensive journey. In addition, the blog serves as a valuable resource for travel enthusiasts seeking inspiration and guidance.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Established in 2005, “A Luxury Travel Blog” stands as the first travel blog dedicated solely to luxury travel. Currently curated by Paul Johnson and a team consisting of over 800 professional travel writers and guest bloggers, the blog offers a wealth of information covering luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest global restaurants, and the latest updates from the luxury travel sector.

The points guy

Making informed decisions to enhance travel experiences through points and rewards is the central theme of “The Points Guy“. The blog helps readers maximize the benefits of loyalty programs, turning everyday spending into opportunities, with topics such as reviews of hotels, airlines, and cruise ships, as well as in-depth analyses of rewards programs and credit cards. Founded by Brian Kelly in 2010, The Points Guy has evolved into a team of experts, including credit card specialists and individuals with experience in the travel industry.

From Penny to Many

From Penny to Many” is about Fleur Pullen’s transition from a conventional work-centric lifestyle to attaining financial freedom and early retirement. The blog highlights her passion for travel and adventure, showcasing how she crafted a comprehensive plan to embark on full-time travel and explore the world. Within the blog, readers can discover experiences, insights, actionable steps, and priceless recommendations and enroll in a Financial Freedom Toolkit.

travel blog

Atlas & Boots

Kia Abdullah and Peter Watson are the duo behind the creation of “Atlas & Boots,” a UK-based outdoor travel blog. The blog brings to life thrilling experiences in distant and exotic locations while encapsulating the spirit of adventurous pursuits. In addition, it offers destination reports, practical tips, and engaging debates. It fosters a mindset of curiosity and adventure, inspiring readers to approach travel with enthusiasm and exploration.

The Poor Traveler

Making poor choices, getting lost, and experiencing scams led Yosh Dimen & Vins Carlos to create “The Poor Traveler.” They started traveling in 2009, but avoidable expenses and mistakes characterized their initial journey. Those experiences give the term “poor,” in the blog’s name, a meaning of unfortunate or unlucky. The blog has two purposes: documenting their experiences and providing free travel tips to help fellow travelers.

Chubby diaries

Chubby diaries“, founded by Jeff Jenkins, is a community dedicated to plus-size travelers who share a passion for exploring the world, trying diverse cuisines, and discovering ingenious travel hacks. The blog aims to provide a space where plus-size individuals can find understanding and support, with content like travel tips specifically tailored for plus-size travelers, destinations that are accommodating and inclusive, and insights into unique experiences and challenges faced by plus-size individuals while traveling.

Life part 2 and beyond

Jonathan Look and Sarah Wilson were a married couple of travel enthusiasts who founded “Life part 2 and beyond“. The blog serves as an inspiration to fellow baby boomers, encouraging them to explore the world beyond their comfort zones, it also, reflects a passion for exploration, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. In 2021, Jonathan passed away, but rather than marking an end, Sarah has continued with the blog. Nowadays, the content encompasses diverse destinations, cultural insights, travel resources, photography and philosophy.

The travel book

The Travel Book” is a sustainable travel blog created by the couple Karoline Kapow and Rasmus Lythcke, aiming to inspire followers to adopt eco-friendly travel practices and minimize their environmental impact. The blog documents their shift from traveling with a high carbon footprint to embracing more sustainable choices. Their mission includes partnering with sustainable businesses, exploring alternative transportation methods to reduce emissions, providing tips for eco-friendly travel, minimizing waste during travels and in daily life, and ongoing education on environmentally conscious travel.

Wheatless wanderlust

On a college graduation trip to Europe, Matt Hansen experienced the challenges of finding gluten-free options anywhere. Therefore, he created “Wheatless wanderlust” with his wife, Alysha. The blog is about their journey discovering gluten-free options worldwide, sharing travel experiences, and offering assistance to celiacs in planning trips to various destinations.

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