Top 15 Yoga Instructors in LA

Top 15 Yoga Instructors in LA in 2023


Top 15 Yoga Instructors in LA

If you seek to embark on a transformative yoga journey, you’re in the right place. Explore and meet the finest yoga instructors in LA who are dedicated to helping you find your inner peace, strength, and balance through their unique ways of teaching.

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Living in constant improvement in yoga, the well-known yoga instructor Oleg has helped many people in their yoga journeys. With a lifetime of dedication, he has developed a perfect balance to empower oneself physically, mentally and spiritually.




Alicia Easter

Wishing to share the profound effect yoga had on her life, Alicia decided to turn her life around yoga and help it reach many people. Her classes focus on feeling the balance and peace yoga bestows upon her students.


Cheri Rae

This experienced yoga teacher heavily emphasizes finding meaning in yoga; she encourages her students to find peace through yoga. Cheri is rooted in the traditional Ashtanga and hatha yoga lineages.



Helping not only the body but the mind, this yoga instructor has developed a kind and inclusive point of view on yoga. Through his practices, Xavier encourages his students to find self-acceptance, self-love, and self-appreciation.



Kaleena Bajo

She is committed to embodying a life of service, as her goal with her practices is to encourage others to reach their highest potential- Kaleena finds joy in teaching people everything they need to know about yoga.





Catherine Donnelly

Happily teaching all over Los Angeles, this skilled yoga teacher has spread her yoga and helped many people in their mindfulness journey. Catherine’s classes combine athleticism, grace, and balance between mind and body.


Ashley Rideaux

With challenging yet playful classes, Ashley creates the perfect yoga environment for everyone to enjoy peacefully. She is very passionate about making yoga available to everyone. Additionally, her classes work and balance both the body and the mind.














Shaun McNally

Her inclusive, authentic, and wealthy classes use ancient and classical yogic texts to enhance everyone’s experience. Shaun’s imagination plays an important role, as her creative and warm instructions guide many people in their yoga journey.














David Lynch

His teaching reflects his enthusiasm and creativity, as he blends hard work with balance, creating unique experiences in each class. David specializes in online courses, helping many more people out at a time.














Veronica Desoyza

This yoga teacher is filled with experience and determination to spread yoga across the people. Veronica’s life changed with yoga, so she also decided to help people get their life changed with it.













Alex Guardado

His style balances movement with strength while exercising the body and mind. Alex’s passion for mobility training led him towards yoga, making him want to practice, teach and spread yoga.














Vanda Ciceryova

Her passionate lifestyle includes nature rhythm and yoga practices. Vanda teaches and spreads yoga with her playful intuition, making every class unique and special.















Jodi Michaels

Motivating her students to keep up and push themselves, Jodi fills her classes with joy. She encourages the mindfulness that comes with yoga practice, as it helps everyone in their way.















Hannah Skye

For her, yoga is an ongoing conversation with our mysterious, miraculous bodies. Yoga is a way to strengthen the relationship with ourselves. Hannah’s teachings are thoughtfully sequenced to create the perfect yoga environment.














Joe K

Listening to your body is essential, as he says. He wants yoga to reach as many people as possible, encouraging exploring the path as a student of yoga and promoting kindness and health. Joe believes yoga should be an important part of people’s lives.














We hope you enjoyed our list of the best yoga instructors in LA!

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