10 Supplements You Should Look Into As a Bodybuilder & Why

10 Supplements You Should Look Into As a Bodybuilder & Why


If you’re working out, you need supplements.

There are three keys to fitness: exercise, nutrition and supplements.

We’ve analyzed numerous supplements and have compiled a list of ten that you definitely need to look into!

Protein Powder

If there was only one supplement that you could take, it would have to be this. Protein is essential towards building muscle. Sascha Fitness has now designed a protein with the finest quality ingredients that make the shake easily mixable, and extremely delicious.


Branch chain amino acids are essential for helping synthesize protein to the muscle. Think of them as that transporters of protein. It is best to drink BCAA’s during your workouts to help decrease fatigue and maintain a strong pump throughout!

BPI has created the most delicious tasting BCAA’s on the market! Their flavours are out of this world! They taste like your favourite fruit juice from childhood.


Pre-workout is a formula designed to give you incredible energy before your workouts so that you can walk in, give 100% and leave feeling satisfied.

Insane Labz have come up with a formula that will really get you going so that you can have the best possible pump!


Creatine is an amino acid. When consumed, it increases the body’s ability to create energy. To learn more, visit your local encyclopedia.

MuscleTech has created an ultra pure micronized creatine powder that has shown incredible results on their test subjects.

Protein Spread

This spread is a great way to get your protein up in a fun, creative and delicious way.

Buff Bake is known to have the most delicious and smooth spreads so that you can enjoy your food without any hassles.

Protein Bars

Most protein bars are added with fillers and other unnecessary ingredients that can actually damage your health, but not Quest Bars!

Quest Bars are the most macro friendly/delicious bars on the planet! They are low carb, gluten free, soy free and high in protein!

Amino Energy

Amino acids are your protein delivery system! They support muscle recovery as well as giving you energy and focus.

Optimum Nutrition has created a delicious blend of amino acids that taste great and make you feel even better.  

Multi V Women

As a male involved in bodybuilding, it is crucial that you hit your daily recommended amount of multi-vitamins. It is quite difficult to acquire all of these vitamins through food and that is why multi-vitamins can be so beneficial.

Optimum Nutrition has created a multivitamin that his packed with the right amount of nutrients that your body needs to get through the day!

Multi V Men

Multivitamins play a massive role towards females in the fitness and bodybuilding space. They help correct nutritional deficiencies, boost energy levels, and much more!

Optimum Nutrition has created a multi vitamin that is packed with everything you need to add some fire to your day.

Omega 3

Omega 3’s are some of the most important supplements you may ever need to take. They promote heart health, joint health, and much more!

Bonson has created an easy to swallow Omega 3 pill so that you can take it with ease and move on with your day.

We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 Supplements You Should Look Into As a Bodybuilder & Why!

The inclusion of supplements were determined by our fitness experts at Influence Digest.

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