Decent Compact Cars For Small Businesses For 2021


Decent Compact Cars For Small Businesses For 2021

When small businesses need a car or two in order to conduct their trade, they may not be looking for anything too large. The company’s budget may be an issue, and they may simply require a small run around to get them from A to B.

Perhaps you are the owner of a startup and are looking for the perfect car choice to suit your needs. If so, read on because this article discusses some of the best compact cars of 2021.

Renault Clio

This is perfect if you are looking for an economy car that looks great for your customers to see. There’s not a lot of space in the rear seats, however, so it’s not the best choice if you need to transport customers around. The boot has plenty of room for transporting your goods, however.

In 2020 this model won the Parkers First Car of the Year award. It’s a hi-tech package with a plush interior, and whilst you can buy a diesel version, there are also hybrid and the most popular petrol models.

It’s worth checking out the internet for this and other compact cars before you choose. There’s nothing better than reviews by specialists to help you make an informed choice. You can see that this dealer recommends new Audi cars and SUVs like the Q3 and Q5. There’s often specific help with fleet leasing and management, van and truck productivity solutions, and insurance and risk mitigation too.

Peugeot 208 And Skoda Fabia

The Peugeot 208 is a comfy car with an impressive interior and you can choose diesel, electric, or petrol versions. The infotainment isn’t the best that you’ll see with this type of car, however, and neither is the price. It has good handling and cruises along the road very quietly, and it’s perfect if you fancy an automatic car. If you need to travel 200 miles on a business trip, the electric version will cope with this journey on a single charge.

The Skoda Fabia is spacious and contains a highly efficient engine. If storage is a premium for you, the boot size will be excellent for your needs. If you’re in doubt about this car, it’s worth knowing that it was the What Car? car of the year. If you choose the 50-liter fuel tank you can travel over 500 miles, which is impressive by any standard.

Ford Fiesta And Volkswagen Up

You’ll enjoy the Ford Fiesta if you go for a test drive, especially as the hybrid versions have punchy and responsive engines. There are several trims from which you can choose, and they won’t guzzle up your fuel on journeys. In terms of CO2 emissions, it’s a star player as well. If you’re looking for a hybrid or electric version, however, you’ll be disappointed and need to find something different.

If you’re happy with a 60hp or a 1.0-litre engine the Volkswagen Up could be your option, but there are ways you can take things up a level. For instance, the electric e-Up will respond to a full charge by taking you an impressive 186 miles. It’s also worth checking out the 115hp UP GTI which can zip you around in no time.

Volkswagen Polo And Renault Zoe

The Volkswagen Polo is a great choice if you’re a city worker who keeps needing to pop out on small missions. It handles well, including on the motorway, and doesn’t make a lot of noise as you travel. Thanks to recent improvements the engine and appearance are now better than ever. If you want to wow your clients the interior certainly looks good, and they will be comfortable during the journey without being limited for space. On the negative side, you may wish to buy a better safety kit than the one that comes as standard.

The Renault Zoe is all-electric and drivers will notice the high seating position. One full charge will bring you 250 miles which is great for business trips. It also makes you less dependent on finding an electric charging port during your journeys. This car is very practical to use, although non-electric drivers may struggle to get used to it – and not everyone enjoys the quirky seating position.

Other possible options for you are the Seat Ibeza, Mini Hatch, Hyundai i10 and Toyota Yaris. If you do your homework and assess your business needs and budget you may end up with the perfect car for your needs. It will look good, be easy to handle and be a great commercial for your business.

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