Top 15 Marketing Experts in Austin

Top 15 Marketing Experts in Austin in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Austin in 2024

Austin, Texas, is renowned for its vibrant culture, tech industry, and dynamic marketing scene. It’s home to a thriving community of marketing experts who excel in various fields, such as digital marketing, branding, content creation, and data analytics. These professionals often work with innovative startups, established tech companies, and diverse businesses, leveraging Austin’s reputation as a hub for creativity and technology. The city’s marketing experts are known for their forward-thinking strategies, adaptability, and ability to harness the latest trends and tools to drive business growth and brand recognition. So, without further delay, here are the Top 15 Marketing Experts in Austin in 2024 that you can contact right now:


Andrea Millers

Andrea is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of expertise in healthcare marketing and business development. She has a proven history of propelling business growth, boosting utilization rates, enhancing brand market share, and crafting data-driven marketing strategies. She currently holds the position of Vice President of Marketing at Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited. Her core competencies include Integrated Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, and Marketing Management, among other skills.


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Elaine King

Elaine excels in marketing, media-to-shelf/P2P programming, strategic planning, brand activation, and sales and account management. She is a seasoned Brand Director and Sales Management expert with exceptional leadership qualities. Currently, Elaine holds the position of Vice President of Trade Marketing, Partnerships, and Events at Lobos1707. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, and Social Studies from Trinity College, Dublin.


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Emily Cassens

With more than a decade of experience in Digital Marketing, Emily has a demonstrated history of boosting brand visibility and driving revenue growth for businesses. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and possesses expertise in email marketing, social media management, and graphic design. Continuously on the lookout for innovative tools and technologies, Emily strives to refine and enhance her marketing strategies.


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Emma Borochoff

Emma leads the US Marketing team at 8fig, bringing over ten years of experience in B2B SaaS. She excels in building and scaling marketing teams and demand generation programs from inception. Emma oversees various marketing functions, including product marketing, content strategy, demand generation, communications, and brand strategy. She earned a BS in Communications and Business from New York University and an MA in Media Studies/Media Management from The New School.


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Juliette Rizkallah

Juliette, serving as Chief Marketing Officer at Kong Inc., brings over three decades of expertise in high-tech marketing, sales development, growth strategy, and general management. With extensive executive experience at leading global technology firms, she specializes in branding, voice amplification, positioning, and category definition. Juliette holds an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Harvard Business School, alongside a background in International Relations and Affairs from Kobe University.


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Katalina Espinoza

In her role as Assistant Marketing Manager at Expo Home Improvement, Katalina draws upon over five years of marketing experience, specializing in brand awareness and brand marketing. She excels in cultivating positive customer relationships and effectively promoting the company’s offerings. Katalina is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring top-notch quality, and maintaining ethical standards. She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from Austin Community College.


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Leticia Schmaedecke

Leticia, serving as a senior marketing executive at Dell Technologies, brings over two decades of experience in the technology sector and holds dual MBA degrees in Finance and Marketing. She plays a pivotal role in driving sales enablement, boosting brand visibility, and formulating go-to-market strategies across LATAM and NA regions. Leticia has a strong history of leading effective marketing teams and initiatives across various sales sectors. Her skills encompass Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing, and Leadership, among others. She earned her MBA in Marketing from ESPM Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing.


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Monika Eddings

Monika leads as the Director of Brand and Marketing at Hacker Valley, infusing a blend of creative and strategic thinking into her role. She meticulously attends to details while always keeping the larger vision in sight, ensuring maximum project effectiveness. Monika holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and earned her Bachelor’s degree from Springfield College. Her expertise lies in crafting innovative marketing strategies and fostering impactful brand experiences that resonate with audiences globally.


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Nicole de Mocskonyi

Nicole is the Director of Marketing at InOrg Global, where she brings a solid background in sales development and expertise in leadership, social media management, and HubSpot utilization. She holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration/Management from Texas A&M University. Nicole is dedicated to ongoing improvement and stays informed about industry trends to drive effective marketing campaigns and generate qualified leads.


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Ramiz Khan

Ramiz serves as the Director of Digital Marketing at ActivTrak, boasting a successful track record with growth-stage startups. He is passionate about all facets of digital marketing and specializes in conversion rate optimization. Ramiz possesses extensive experience across key marketing channels, such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, content marketing, product marketing, and social media. He consistently leverages his skills to drive substantial growth and enhance brand visibility.


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Samantha Posin-Trammell

Samantha serves as the Director of Marketing at Sares Regis Group, distinguished for her expertise in specialized marketing techniques and her unique approach that engages audiences and delivers exceptional results. She effectively combines the seven principles of marketing with cutting-edge digital strategies. Samantha possesses a profound understanding of her target audience’s needs and preferences and values the role of analytics and market insights in refining campaigns and enhancing return on investment.


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Sarah Keffer

Sarah is a seasoned marketing leader with more than 15 years of experience in boosting customer acquisition and fostering business growth. She excels in leading high-performing teams and spotting new opportunities to enhance business value. Presently, Sarah holds the position of Fractional VP of Marketing and Leadership Coach at Kick Up Consulting. She achieves results by employing innovative, data-driven marketing strategies that ensure brands reach the right customers at the right time.


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Scott Nordstrom

Scott leads as Head of Partner Marketing at Aspen Technology, bringing extensive experience as a distinguished marketing executive in hyper-growth health technology, startup, and enterprise sectors. He is recognized for his adeptness in deploying innovative and transformative marketing strategies that enhance brand value and shape compelling organizational narratives. Scott excels in SEO, web marketing, operations, and other essential areas crucial for achieving business success.


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Spike Jones

Spike serves as the Head of Global Marketing at argodesign, recognized for his expertise in brand development and transformation. He excels in leading cross-functional teams and ensuring brand value and coherence. Spike holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Environmental Studies and Journalism from Baylor University, showcasing his proficiency in marketing and branding strategies. With a passion for innovation, he is dedicated to driving impactful and sustainable brand growth in the global marketplace.


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Theresa Garlinghouse

Theresa serves as the Vice President of Marketing at Transyouth Empowerment Collective, focusing on digital marketing technology and advanced strategic solutions. She specializes in lead generation and utilizes sophisticated analytical marketing strategies. Theresa has a strong history of executing impactful marketing campaigns and expanding businesses effectively to meet the needs of diverse clients. Her expertise spans Marketing Leadership, Project Management, Strategic Communications, and more.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Austin in 2024!

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