Top 15 Marketing Experts in Toronto

Top 15 Marketing Experts in Toronto in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Toronto in 2024

Toronto, the capital of Ontario and Canada’s largest city, is a metropolis known for its cultural diversity, economic prowess, and dynamic arts scene. Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, it is a major hub for finance, business, technology, and education. The marketing landscape in Toronto is highly sophisticated, driven by a talented pool of professionals with expertise in various sectors, including healthcare, consumer goods, technology, and entertainment. These experts excel in areas such as influencer marketing, strategic communications, digital marketing, customer generation, branding, and corporate identity. The city’s marketing experts leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to create impactful campaigns and drive business growth, contributing to Toronto’s status as a leading global marketing hub. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Toronto in 2024 that you can contact right now:


Aashima Verma

Aashima, the innovative Director & CEO of AV Marketing Inc., has led her company to surpass one million dollars in revenue within a mere three years. Her primary areas of expertise encompass Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, and Social Media Marketing, among other proficiencies. She is dedicated to aiding businesses across diverse industries in expanding and scaling by leveraging effective marketing and advertising strategies. Under her leadership, AV Marketing Inc. has become known for its creative and data-driven approaches.


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Agamemnon Spiridoulias

Agamemnon, the Head of Brand at Score Promotions, is an accomplished marketing and branding expert with extensive experience in the retail sector. He specializes in creating captivating narratives and unique brand identities, devising cutting-edge strategies that connect with target audiences and enhance the overall customer experience. Utilizing his vast knowledge, Agamemnon propels brand development and customer engagement, establishing new benchmarks in the industry.


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Alisha Dcruz

Alisha, currently Social Media and Marketing Manager at Paragon Security, is a seasoned professional skilled in media relations, corporate branding, digital communications, and managing social media platforms. She has a demonstrated history of success in implementing digital strategies and fostering robust relationships with stakeholders. Alisha’s strengths lie in creating engaging narratives, devising effective PR strategies, and excelling in diverse aspects of marketing and communication.


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Amrita Mathur

Amrita, currently serving as VP of Marketing (MM and ENT) at ClickUp, is a committed lifelong learner with a profound interest in B2B product marketing. She possesses a solid grasp of growth strategies, demand generation, lifecycle management, and fostering community engagement. Amrita holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai and a Graduate Certificate in International Business and Marketing from Seneca Polytechnic. Her dedication to crafting effective frameworks underscores her mission to propel company growth and achieve lasting success.


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Andrea Ascarrunz

Andrea, currently in the role of Associate Shopper Marketing Manager – Better Together & E-commerce at PepsiCo, brings a varied background and extensive experience in product and service marketing. She has successfully led projects across consumer-packaged goods, services, retail, and entertainment sectors. Andrea’s core competencies include social media management, market research, strategic development, and narrative crafting, among other valuable skills.


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Diego Laverde Becerra

Diego serves as a Sales and Marketing Specialist at TruStone Financial Inc., leveraging his expertise in crafting and implementing sales and marketing strategies within the media and financial services sectors. He has a proven history of successfully orchestrating extensive 360-degree media campaigns. Diego excels in navigating intricate digital and influencer marketing environments across diverse geographic regions.


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Erika Fernandez

Erika serves as a Marketing Specialist at Siemens, having earned a postgraduate degree in Marketing from Douglas College. She collaborates closely with product managers, sales teams, and clients at Siemens Colombia and Siemens Canada, devising creative and innovative strategies tailored to market and industry demands. Erika excels in generating content to effectively market products and services across traditional and digital platforms.


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Ingrid Zuniga

Ingrid contributes to Forbes and serves as a Marketing Communications B2B professional at Xiris Automation, leveraging over 8 years of global experience spanning 5 countries. She specializes in recognizing and seizing opportunities for rapid growth through the creation of various customer acquisition strategies. Ingrid is enthusiastic about enabling individuals and businesses to develop, expand, and thrive in the digital economy.


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Jayme Derkson

Jayme has accumulated over 19 years of marketing expertise, focusing on brand development and enhancing customer experiences. In her role as Marketing Director at XTM Inc., she specializes in crafting marketing and sales strategies, driving business growth, integrated marketing campaigns, and managing social media, among other core competencies. With a proven record of achievement in both retail and digital realms, Jayme holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and International Business from McGill University.


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Lipsio Carvalho

Bringing more than 20 years of extensive global marketing experience, Lipsio is recognized as a seasoned leader who consistently achieves measurable outcomes with diverse teams. He currently holds the role of Director, eCommerce and Non-Travel Rewards – AIR MILES at BMO. Lipsio’s expertise spans marketing communications, digital marketing, creative direction, and the management of loyalty programs. He is also committed to mentoring and educating aspiring entrepreneurs and students in the realm of digital marketing strategies.


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Maria Ximena Torres

Maria is a seasoned Marketing Operations professional at Q4, bringing expertise in driving business growth through data-driven decisions and strategic campaigns. She holds a postgraduate degree in Marketing Research and Analytics from Centennial College. Maria specializes in optimizing MarTech systems, designing customer journeys, developing dashboards, and other critical operational skills essential for effective marketing management.


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Matthew Carnevale

Matthew serves as the Marketing Manager at Exit Five, specializing in customer-focused marketing with over 5 years of experience in growth and product marketing. He has successfully devised and implemented strategies across multiple channels, driving over $1 million in revenue. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) degree in Entrepreneurship and Strategy from Ryerson University, complemented by a Growth Marketing Certificate from Growclass.


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Oscar Ivan Hernández

With over 11 years of experience leading teams in B2B organizations across North America and LATAM countries, Oscar is the Marketing Director at Wovenware, a Maxar Company. He specializes in driving revenue growth, executing performance campaigns, and enhancing brand presence. Oscar holds an Executive Diploma in Marketing Management from UC Berkeley Extension and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.


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Silvia Valencia

Silvia serves as VP of Revenue Marketing at Docebo, leveraging over 12 years of experience in demand generation and leading high-performing teams for more than 6 years. She specializes in paid channels including search, social media, and PPL, and possesses expertise in SEO, email marketing, and successful customer and partner marketing initiatives. Silvia holds a Post-graduate Certificate in Marketing from York University, demonstrating her dedication to ongoing professional growth and strategic marketing proficiency.


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Stephen Hendry

Stephen is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Flags Unlimited Corporation, leveraging over 30 years of executive management experience in achieving substantial revenue and profit growth. He is recognized for his track record in offering strategic and tactical leadership, as well as his ability to identify, recruit, and retain top talent. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Western University.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Toronto in 2024!

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