Top 15 Marketing Experts in Houston in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Houston in 2024

Houston, boasts a diverse and thriving business landscape, attracting a pool of talented marketing experts. With its robust economy spanning industries like energy, healthcare, technology, and aerospace, Houston offers a dynamic environment for marketing professionals to showcase their skills. From seasoned executives leading Fortune 500 companies to innovative entrepreneurs pioneering cutting-edge strategies, the city fosters a rich ecosystem of marketing expertise. These experts leverage Houston’s cosmopolitan culture, strategic location, and diverse demographics to craft impactful campaigns and drive business growth on both regional and global scales. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Houston that you can contact right now:


Carrie Sinclair

Carrie, a seasoned marketing professional with a fervent dedication to digital marketing, leads a dynamic team of experts at Honeywell. Holding the esteemed position of Vice President of Customer Marketing, she brings forth a wealth of experience and insight honed through years of industry expertise. Armed with an MBA in Marketing from the University of Kansas, Carrie combines her academic prowess with practical knowledge to drive Honeywell’s marketing strategies forward.


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D. Faye Cluthe

D. Faye, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Greatwood At Sugar Land, brings over three decades of invaluable experience in the marketing and sales sector. Passionate about cultivating and maintaining robust professional relationships, she prioritizes building lasting connections with clients, partners, and community groups. Throughout her illustrious career, D. Faye has consistently exceeded goals, driving significant increases in sales volume while nurturing enduring and impactful client relationships.


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Danielle Chatman-Moore

Danielle, recognized for her exceptional skills, serves as the Senior Marketing Manager at Dow, where she shapes the segment’s strategy and heads the Transportation Market Management Team regionally. Previously acknowledged for her prowess, she spent over 2.5 years as a Senior Business Sustainability Manager at Dow, leading cross-functional teams in implementing initiatives focused on waste reduction, energy efficiency, and supply chain optimization.


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Dominique Flournoy

Dominique, currently holding the position of Marketing Communications Specialist at Mustang Cat, possesses 7 years of demonstrated proficiency in crafting and implementing strategic marketing initiatives across various platforms. With a commitment to achieving tangible business goals, she aims to utilize her wide-ranging experience in brand administration, digital marketing, and communication tactics to orchestrate effective campaigns.


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Elizabeth Abide

Elizabeth, currently the Marketing Manager at Carbon Clean, is celebrated for her innovative and strategic mindset, coupled with outstanding problem-solving abilities. She boasts a rich background in local and national SEO, blog creation, Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google Ads, Bing Ads, programmatic expertise, and internal brand asset management. With a demonstrated history, she has spearheaded growth-oriented digital strategies alongside leaders in small-to-medium enterprises.


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Henry Adaso

Henry, an experienced leader in marketing and communications, is active in the marketing community and holds a position on the board of AMA Houston. His enthusiasm lies in merging data with storytelling to achieve significant results. He has a keen interest in strategic marketing and communications, digital evolution, go-to-market strategies, lead generation, and demand generation. With a wealth of expertise, Henry excels in guiding top-performing teams, refining brand messaging, and orchestrating successful campaigns.


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Jill Maxwell

With a tenure exceeding 30 years, Jill has cultivated expertise in Sales and Marketing, forecasting, leadership, and branding. Renowned for her adeptness, she serves as the Director of Sales And Marketing at American Liberty Hospitality. Jill is celebrated for her knack in aiding organizations to surpass branding, marketing, and corporate targets. Her forte lies in robust public relations skills and her capacity to collaborate seamlessly with clientele and staff across diverse hierarchies.


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Justin Rose

Justin, currently serving as the Product Marketing Manager for Education Cloud Solutions at Microsoft, brings invaluable expertise honed through his MBA from Rice University. His professional journey began with eight years of immersive experience across various roles within the education field, laying a robust foundation for his current endeavors in driving innovation and excellence in educational technology.


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Karla Morales Ponce

Karla is a versatile business professional fluent in multiple languages, specializing in sports marketing. With over 6 years of expertise in the financial sector, she aids companies in strategic investment decisions pertaining to sports, branding, and sponsorship. Currently serving as the Trade Marketing Coordinator at Industrias Tajín, Karla applies her extensive knowledge to drive impactful marketing initiatives.


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Lauren Maass

Lauren, serving as the Marketing Coordinator at Germania Insurance, is also the Founder & CEO of Maass & Company. She is a driven marketer aiming to evolve into a leadership role, deeply committed to broadening her expertise. Lauren’s zeal to enact change through team collaboration and ongoing learning is palpable. With her wealth of experience, she excels in utilizing Salesforce, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a range of other software tools.


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Lucila Kutyn

Lucila, currently holding the position of Digital Marketing Manager at SoulIT, comes with a Marketing Degree in Economics from UADE. With 18 years of industry experience, she demonstrates proficiency in Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Project Management, and Analytical Skills. Lucila’s background encompasses Service Marketing, Communications, Online Marketing, and Social Media, where she has orchestrated events for leading companies and industry frontrunners.


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Mallory Glessner

Mallory, occupying the role of Manager of Content & Product Marketing at Trainual, has been at the forefront of Continuous Improvement initiatives in Service & Technology for the past 8 years. With a history of demonstrated success, she has achieved improved performance metrics, elevated client and worksite employee retention, enriched client experiences, streamlined cross-functional efficiency, and ensured punctual delivery of on-budget projects.


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Sahar Paz

Sahar, currently a Marketing Communications Executive at Own Your Voice Strategy Firm, holds a BBA in Marketing from LIM College. She is distinguished as a corporate communications executive, marketing strategist, and personal branding specialist. With her strong leadership skills, Sahar excels as both a communications and organizational leader.


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Scott Davis

At the University of Houston-Downtown’s Marilyn Davies College of Business, Professor Scott Davis imparts Marketing wisdom to MBA and undergraduate students, emphasizing practical application. Additionally, he hosts the acclaimed video series and podcast “Marketing Mixtape”. Scott completed his doctoral studies and earned his MBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University, solidifying his expertise in the field.


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Summer F

As the Community Relationship Manager at Oakstreet Health, Summer Frank specializes in assisting property owners in boosting revenue and minimizing vacancy rates. In her role as Landlord Liaison, she spearheads comprehensive campaigns to promote the Housing Choice Voucher Program across the Houston area. With expertise in Business Development, Community Outreach, and Digital Marketing, Summer is highly proficient in nurturing community connections and implementing marketing strategies.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Houston in 2024!

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