What is Diabetes and How to Treat it?


What is Diabetes and How to Treat it?

Diabetes is a disease that affects your metabolism and increases the level of sugar in the blood. In order to restore your health, you need to take insulin. Due to insulin, the sugar present in your blood gets transferred to the cells where it is stored and converted into energy. 

While having diabetes, your body’s ability to make the right levels of insulin gets affected. 

Moreover, your body doesn’t get able to make use of the insulin it makes.

If this condition goes untreated, it can be very fatal. It can damage the nervous system in your body, and be dangerous for your kidneys. 

What are the common symptoms of diabetes?

  • The symptoms of diabetes occur as the blood sugar level gets increases. 
  • A diabetic patient starts to feel hungry very often. 
  • Thirst of diabetic patients increases. 
  • He loses his weight considerably. 
  • He would require urinating at frequent intervals.
  • The vision of the diabetic patient gets blurred.
  • He feels an extreme level of fatigue.

Common Diabetic Condition in Women:

Out of the many types of diabetes that exist, Gestational diabetes is the most common one. The reason for the occurrence of Gestational diabetes is the hormonal changes with which the body goes through at the time of pregnancy

The women’s placenta releases hormones that are capable of lessening the effect of insulin on the body cells. This is one of the reasons why the blood sugar level goes up during pregnancy.

In order to curtail the chances of developing diabetes after pregnancy, the individual woman needs to lose weight by going full vegan before she gets pregnant. 

What are the complications that occur with Diabetes?

The sugar level in the blood increases when the individual is diabetic. This increased level of blood pressure is dangerous for all the body organs. The complications get severe if your blood sugar level is higher or if you have had diabetes for a long time. 

Let’s mention a few complications in the body that come associated with diabetes.

– The diabetic patient is prone to having heart diseases, including stroke and heart attack.

– The neurons in his brain and spinal cord can get badly affected.

– The nephrons in the Kidney of the diabetic patient can suffer immensely.

– The diabetic patient can lose his vision and suffer from retinopathy.

– In severe cases, the healing power of the diabetic patient gets lost.

– The diabetic patient eventually suffers from diseases, such as dementia and depression.

How to treat Diabetes?

The treatment of diabetes is in the consumption of insulin. The insulin functions alternatively for the hormones that your body is incapable to produce. 

The insulin is segregated into four types, depending on the performance and time period of the effect.

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